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Rayman 2
9/10 A fantastic Game

Rayman 2 was one of the Rayman games already out. It did not fail to
disappoint many and exceeded its predecessor.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics in this game are fantastic. They are outstanding
and provide a different environment on each level. There are many
explosions of pirate ships and the graphics show that extremely
well. Rayman himself looks great. His face is particularly animated
and has a good expression. The graphics on this game are also
unique with the different characters such as Ly the fairy
and Globox.
Sound: 9/10
The sound on this is really good. The characters have their own
language on this game and it is translated at the bottom of the
screen. The sounds on each level are very good but could be a
little different as some levels have very similar music. Something
that is not heard a lot on other games is you can hear Rayman
when he walks. There is also a good range of character voices.
The sound can also be quite dramatic.
Gameplay and Controls: 10/10
The gameplay is really, really good on this and so are the
controls. There are only a few so it doesn't get to confusing but
Rayman still has lots of moves and attacks. Such as by just
pressing the spacebar Rayman will fire a power shot and if you
hold it down longer the shot will be more powerful. Just with the
A key you already have 3 Separate moves. The controls are also
close together so it is easy to get to as well.
Replay Value: 10/10
The replay value on this game is huge. Apart from going over the
main quest again and again like many have done. There is also the
quest to collect all the 1000 Lums. This will take a lot of time
and effort but is also a lot of fun to do and you will be very
proud of yourself when you manage to complete it.
Challenege: 10/10
This is a very challenging game but not so hard that after a while
you will just want to give up. There is a lot to do and some of
the puzzles you must complete will take a lot of practice.
Rent or Buy?
This game is definitely a buy. There is endless fun and a lot
of replay value. The graphics, sound, controls and gameplay are
all fantastic. There is so much to do in this game it will keep
you entertained for weeks.
Conclusion: 9/10
I gave this game a 9/10. This is a fantastic game and a must get.
If you have never played a Rayman game before you can still just go
onto this one without any trouble. I strongly recommend you get
this game and Good Luck to you when you get it!