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Hey Everyone!

If you have any comments, Feedback, Ideas or any Walkthroughs, Reviews or Codes you wish to

submit to Gaming Arena please E-Mail. To E-Mail me just click on this E-Mail below:


Guidelines for submitting Guides:

It will need to be detailed and extensive. You can do a full game walkthrough or a guide about a certain part of the game. Please include your username, version and you can if you want include your E-Mail address.


Guidelines for submitting Reviews:

Make sure it will give a non-bias look on the game and do not troll (insult) the game. Do not include anything but the review and do not include your E-Mail address. You can write the review with rating eg, 8/10 but you can just write a detailed one as long as it has an overall ranking.


Guidelines for submitting codes:

You can submit any of the following types of codes or cheats:

Code: A pushbutton or typed code, usually entered without an explicit prompt from the game (such as a "Password Entry" screen). Usually entered at the main menu, pause screen, or as a console command, and do things like provide unlimited lives or invincibility.

Password: A level or cheat password, usually entered at a specific "Password Entry" or "Name Entry" screen. Usually used to jump ahead levels, unlock new features, or activate other cheat modes.

Unlockable: Characters, items, or other features unlocked by completing certain in-game tasks. Usually in the form of "Beat level X to unlock character Y or something similar.

Easter Egg: Non-canonical (i.e. nothing to do with the game storyline) hidden bonuses placed in the game by developers. Usually requires a very complicated or unusual in-game task to find.

Glitch: An in-game trick that exploits the game code to do something the developers never intended. Usually involves things like item duplcation or playing supposedly unplayable characters.

Secret: Non-obvious in-game tricks or features to ease or enhance gameplay. Includes hidden items in out-of-the-way places, non-obvious boss weakness, tips for quickly and easily leveling up characters or gaining money.

Cheats that won't be accepted:

Patch Codes - Patch codes (GameShark, Pro Action Replay) created by others are protected by copyright and won't be posted.

Saving Your Game Before Doing Something - "Before you do X, save your game, and if it doesn't turn out right, load your game back up!"

Reset Commands - Many games and consoles have an in-game reset command (i.e. L1+R1+L2+R2+Select+Start); these aren't unique codes, and are fairly widespread.

Copy Protection Codes - Codes that are found in the instruction manual to be used as copy protection.

Common Resons for Rejection:

If your review, Guide or cheat is not excpeted it will be for one of the following reasons:

Content: Lack of content and does not have enough helpful or useful information.

Grammer / Spelling: Way too many grammer and / or spelling mistakes.

Unreadable: If the file is not correctly uploaded. Make sure you either send it in the E-Mail message or as an attachment.

Duplication: The exact file that is already on the site or a duplicate of onme you have already sent.

Oversaturation: There are already numerous guides for the game you have submitted for.

By Submitting work to the Gaming Arena you are giving us the work and in the process allowing us to use it. All work submitted must be under copyright law. Gaming Arena will not take any reponsibilities if walkthroughs without copyright are used elsewhere. Gaming Arena has rights to your work and may distribute it. Gaming Arena (c).