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Welcome to the Gaming Arena! The Game Arena for all your modern gaming needs! 

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February 19th 2004 - PS3 Announced!
More gaming news and this time it is Sonys turn. The PlayStation 3 was just recently announced. Not much is known yet except that it should be coming out sometime next year. Also the Zelda's Collectors addition will only be coming if you buy a special gamecube pack. Let us all pray that it will soon come out by itself. Not much happening on the site lately, but I am almost done putting up at least one game per console now. Sorry it has taken so long, but it is quite an effort to do.
February 7th 2004 - Nintendo Dual Screen Announced!
Sorry it has been so long since I have been online but, I'm back after having internet problems and the Gaming Arena has a lot of catching up to do. The updates section will also be featuring the latest and most interesting in gaming news. As the title implies Nintendo has announced its new console: The Duel Screen! Not much is known yet but, it is going to be a portable Nintendo console with two screens! More news soon.
January 21st 2004 - Quick Update
The site is well underway now and according to the link bar at the bottom of the screen I have now got at least one thing up for each console up to PS2. I will be away for about a week but, when I come back I will work hard and within about four days after I come back there should be at least one thing up for each console. Also, because of a font problem I will be rewriting the contribute page when I come back.
January 17th 2004 - Gaming Arena Forums!
After a few techinical problems I have finally got the first walkthrough and review onto the site. Also, I have linked a Message Board site up to Gaming Arena so you can talk to others to have any additional questions answered. You can also submit your own walkthroughs, review, cheats and guides. Just follow the instrutions on the "Contribute" page.
January 14th 2004 - Gaming Arena Grand Opening!
Welcome to the Gaming Arena! This is the first day the site is up. Just to give you a little overview of the Gaming Arena: It will be featuring Review, Walkthroughs, News and more on all modern games and consoles. The Gaming Arena will cover games from the Playstation, Playstation 2, X-Box, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance and Gamecube. I hope this site proves uselful.

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