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F1 2002
7/10 Ready .... set ... GO!
Introduction: You might think this is just another one of those
racing games. might be right. But there is much more
to do on this than just racing such as all the extra challenges
this game has to offer.
Graphics: 8/10
As most Gamecube games this one has good graphics. There cars
look really good with also a lot of good scenery on the tracks.
The cars are lots of different colors and some are different
to others as well. The scenery looks good with a wide variety
such as: trees, other roads, stadiums or even spectators!
Sound: 8/10
Once again the sound is quite good. The engines make a good
sound and are not too loud. The is sometimes some cheering from
the spectators and track music is pretty good. The opening
theme sounds pretty cool as well. When you enter the pit stop
there is also some good sound while they are repairing your
damaged car.
Controls: 8/10
The controls for this game are very simple and make the game
much easier for beginners. They also display the control
settings before every race. The A button is accelerate and
B is brake. They are mainly the only buttons you need to know.
Simple, Ehh.
Replay Value: 7/10
Of course, there is a lot to come back and do in this game.
Such as: beating your current track times and racing against
friends in the multi player mode. There is also the chance to
come back and win the trophies as different car companies.
There are also some extra challenges outside of the
main events.
Challenge: 8/10
This is a reasonably challenging game. The competitors can be
quite tough and some of the tracks will take quite a bit of
practice to master. There is a lot of fun within all the
challenge though. There is also the challenge of the other
things you can do apart from going for the cup!
Rent or Buy?
I would suggest you buy this game. It is a lot of fun, there
is a lot to do and you can even play it against a friend. But
if you are not sure go and rent it first. But you should have a
go at this game.
Overall: 7/10
I decided to give this game a 7/10. There is a lot to do and it
is a lot of fun. Once you have beaten it, get your mates over to
race you and show off your racing and driving skills.