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Coming Along - Saturday, September, 20th, 2003
Lost of updates lately but for a good reasons. Anyway.... Thanks to EarthAdept1 we have a Link to the Past GBA guide and a Four Swords Guide. But heres the catch.... Both the games are in the one guide! So I have put the same guide up in both sections. The first part of the Guide is A Link to the Past and scroll down to get to the Second Part which is the Four Swords. I have written a Heart Piece Guide for Ocarina of Time and a Giant Octo Map for Wind Waker and they will be up within the next three days!
More Guides - Friday, September, 19th, 2003
Well the guides have been coming along nicely and I have one more guide today. This is a guide for the very first Zelda Game: The Legend of Zelda. Thanks to DSimpson for the guide. I have also started working on the first game under games and puzzles. It is a choose your own adventure story. It should be done within a few days. : ) On another note I have written and added my own FanFiction in the FanFiction section. Check it out!
Guides and Updates - Thursday, September, 18th, 2003
I have one more new guide today thanks to Arch0. He has submitted a Oracle of Seasons Guide. Check it out! I have also re-arranged the Guides and Title pages for each game. So if you are looking for a guide that is not a game walkthrough: For Example; if you are looking for a Heart Piece guide click on Game Walkthrough and you will get to the page with a list of Full Walkthroughs and other sorts of guides. So even if I already have a walkthrough for a game there is always room for more! : ) 
First Guides - Wednesday, September, 17th, 2003
Whoohoo! We have three new guides thans to Coffee. We have an Oracle of Seasons, Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past Guides! Thans very much to him. Just go to the game you want and Click on Game walkthrough to open a new window with the guide in them.
Game Info Complete - Saturday, September, 13th, 2003
I have finally finished the Game Information for all the Zelda Games! Hopefully within the week at the latest I will have some walkthroughs up. On another note there is a new (and first) game come soon so be ready to play it!
First Fanfiction - Thursday, September, 11th, 2003
Yes, thats right! we have our first Fanfiction in! I would like to thank BoltDragoon for his Fanfiction called:   Majora -- From Creation to Destruction. If you would like to check this out head to the FanFiction page. On another note I now only have two more Game Infos to go and I have some guides ready to put up. Also it doesn't look like the puzzles will be working anytime soon : (
I'm Back - Tuesday, September, 9th, 2003
Hey Everyone! It has been a while since an update because I have been away. But I'm back now and more things are happening. If you have any ideas on how to improves this site just let me know by E-Mail. Game Info is almost all done and theh I will be on the guides. 
Fanfiction - Thursday, August, 28th, 2003
I know it has been pretty quick for another update but I have one anyway. There is now a FanFiction Page for all your zelda stories. If you have one submit it via my E-Mail which is at the bottom of the page. The puzzles still are not working but are on the way and I am half-way through the game info.
Puzzle Problems - Wednesday, August, 27th, 2003
The wind temple maze, items crossword and what Zelda game are all currently down for repairs. They had a crashe earlier and I am currently fixing the problem. However, the word search is still working and I have added some more humour. Also, there are some
game guides on the way so stay tuned!
Games and Puzzles - Monday, August, 25th, 2003
I have added a new page today which has some Zelda Games and Puzzles on it. I currently have 4 puzzles and no games! But I am working on one now. Also I have done a few of the game information and I have added some more humour. More coming soon. 
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