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ZeldaZone Forums Link - Saturday, August, 23rd, 2003
On the navigation bar there is now a Link to the ZeldaZone Forums! Hooray! I have also completed the main pages for each game and I hope to have done the main page for everything on the site by monday night.
Disaster has struck - Friday, August, 22nd, 2003
I was fiddling with the site layout and colours and I accidently clicked on something I didn't like. Then my computer crashed! It then took a full day to fix and now I have finally fixed the layout and colours. But I am back on track and the main pages for each game should be finished by Sunday. 
On the Way - Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
I have now fixed up pages for the first three games in the Zelda series. There is hardly anything there yet but they are slowly coming along. By the end of the week I would hope to have done the opening page for each of the games. 
Grand Opening - Saturday, August 16th, 2003
ZeldaZone has opened! Not much has happened so far but over the next few days a lot of stuff will be added. Just to give you an idea there will be: Detailed Walkthroughs for each Zelda, In-depth guides, Humor, Forums and much more in the future!
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