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------------------------------------------------------------- Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Strategy Guide by Alasdair Lo System: Nintendo Gamecube E-mail: Date: 4 August, 2003 Version 1.0 ------------------------------------------------------------- Contents 1. Introduction 2. Story 3. Characters 4. Basics 5. Tips and Tricks 6. Link's Quest part 1: The Quest for the Pearls 7. Island Hopping Run 1 8. Link's Quest Part 2: The 2 Temples 9. Island Hopping Run 2 10. Link's Quest Part 3: The Quest for the 8 Triforce Shards 11. Conclusion --------------- 1. Introduction --------------- One of the many successful Nintendo adventures series apart from Mario is the Legend of Zelda, featuring our Green hero, Link. After the successful release of Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64, Nintendo made a rather rapid departure from the realistic look of Link, and the graphics looked a little more cartoony than before. Anyway, it is nice to see more successful exclusives coming back on the Nintendo Gamecube, and it will again, persuade people to buy a Gamecube for this game. --------------- 2. Story --------------- There really is no timeline for the Legend of Zelda series, but it seems that we are going to the very beginning. There was once a legend about a Kingdom with a Green hero, the hero of time defending it from the clutches of Ganon, but the kingdom somehow disappeared all along, and when things started to go uneasy, people will appeal to the Gods, hoping the green hero will someday return. On a certain Island, people cloth mature boys in green, and the story starts, as a certain boy reaches his birthday, and is clothed in green like the others. That person is Link. --------------- 3. Characters --------------- Link --> The Hero of Time: Yes, the world famous santa's elf reject is back for another adventure. Due to the lack of timeline in the Legend of Zelda series, the Link is a Young Link, in fact, he still doesn't know that he is the Hero of Time until much later on. Everyone calls him kid, so well, Link may be just 16 years old in this game, how sad. Hopefully, the next Zelda game will feature the adult Link as in Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Tetra --> Princess Zelda: Tetra is the leader of the band of pirates you see in the adventure. She is very proud of herself, and has a tendency to talk down others. She may be older than Link, but for some strange reason, she is no taller. Later, it will be revealed that Tetra is Princess Zelda, as she has kept the Triforce of Wisdom with her in her whole life. As usual, Zelda is a non-playable character in the game, so I guess she gets a bad rap all the time. Quill: Quill is a Rito Postman, whom flies around the Great Sea to deliver letters. Being a member of the Rito tribe, he is like a humanoid bird. Quill knows a lot of intelligence, and can help Link out in the early stages of his adventure. Medli --> Sage of Wind Temple: Medli is the newest Rito Attendant for the dragon Valoo, of Dragon Roost Island. She can fly like the other Ritos. Being a new attendant, she is not so confident on herself, but after knowing that she is the Sage of the Wind Temple, Medli has found her new mission in life. Makar --> Sage of the Temple: Makar is a Korok, a race of humanoid plants with leaves as faces. Makar is a clumsy oaf, and was late in the ceremony of the Great Deku Tree. Makar, being the musician of the Koroks, can play the violin rather well, and so was able to play the Earth God's Aria, and become the new sage of the Earth Temple. The Boat --> King of Red Lions --> King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule: After Link was ejected from the Forsaken Fortress, he was saved by the Great Sea's one and only talking boat! This boat is rather intelligent, and saw Link to be the hero of time. The boat calls himself the King of Red Lions, and later Link can meet the King of Red Lions in person, which is the King of Hyrule! Ganondorf --> Ganon: The all time evildoer all the Legend of Zelda series is back! As always, Ganondorf has the Triforce of Power in his hands, and wishes to get the other 2 Triforces, in order for the Gods to grant his wishes. His entire army of minions are back for Link to fight, and he himself can only be defeated by the ultimate weapon, the Master Sword! --------------- 4. Basics --------------- Button Configuration: The button configuration is self explanatory, and will be visible at all times in the top right hand corner of the screen. This is the configuration: A Button: Action Button B Button: Swing Sword C Stick: Adjust Camera Angles X, Y and Z buttons: Use Items L Button: L-Targeting R Button: Grab, Defend or Jump on boat Control Stick: Moves Link Around Directional Pad: Show Map Grabbing Crates: In Legend of Zelda, heavy objects can be pulled or pushed. Just stand in front of the object, and hold down R, then you can use the Control Stick to move the crate in the direction you want. L-Targeting: Whenever you see a character or enemy, as long as you get close, you should be able to see a yellow arrow above his or her head. Now, you can be able to talk or attack the target with greater accuracy. Map System: Green areas are areas that you have explored. Black areas are the ones you haven't. if you have a compass, the chests will also be shown on the map. In the sea, you will have to consult the man-fish to update your sea charts. The Wind Direction: When using the boat, make sure you adjust the wind so that it blows in the direction you are going, otherwise, you cannot travel very quickly, or will not even move at all! Use the Wind's Requiem to change the wind direction. ------------------ 5. Tips and Tricks ------------------ Cracked Walls: Whenever you see walls or rocks that are cracked, it is a sign that it can be broken. In that case, use bombs to blow it up. Many hidden objects can be found. Friendly Fire: Most enemies in this game are very stupid. When they attack, they don't care about whether they will hit another enemy in the process. Using this trick, you can easily get rid of large groups of strong enemies. For example, there were 4 darknuts in a room, and I chopped the armor of one off, and then defended myself with my shield. As a result, the other 3 darknuts kept hitting the darknut without armor on, and therefore, they really are the ones that are doing the killing, not me! Interactive Objects: Most enemies are equipped with weapons. After the enemy is killed, its weapon stays. You can pick it up using the A Button, and then you can press B to swing it. Try this in many areas, sometimes, there are some objects or barriers that cannot be broken unless you use the enemies' weapons Some Effective Sword Moves: There are many sword moves, but I find these to be the most useful: Thrust: Press B while holding down L button As you are L-targeting your opponent, the chance of hitting him increases a lot! Spin Attack: Swing the Control Stick around in an anticlockwise direction once, and then press B, or simply press B and hold a while before releasing. The Spin Attack can really help you if you are surrounded by many enemies. Parry Attack: Press and hold L, until the A Button on screen flashes. This is essentially a surprise move. Link will roll behind the enemy and attack him from behind. Hurricane Swing: Press and hold B until your sword flashes. Then release. The Hurricane Swing is the fastest move in the game, Link will swing around very fast, defeating a large group of enemies in an instant! Note that this requires magic power, and you will have to give Orca 20 Knight's Crests before he teaches you this move. Link will also feel a little dizzy after the move. ------------------------------------------------ 6. Link's Quest Part 1: The Quest for the Pearls ------------------------------------------------ The story begins on Outset Island. It is Link's birthday, his sister Aryll has come to find him at the tower, and gives him his telescope. That's when you get to control Link. *****OUTSET ISLAND (2, 1)***** As soon as you have control of Link, climb down the ladder and head to your house. On your way, an old man will call Link to L-target him and talk to him. He asks you to go to his room, but don't go there yet. Instead, cross the stream until you see a black wild pig. Crawl near it and grab it, then with it in hand, go up the hill and throw it into a pen, there will be a woman there. After throwing, you can go and talk to the woman, and she will give you 20 rupees for reward, then you can go and find that old man earlier. In that room, the old man will offer you to have a look at his files, then suddenly, the ground shakes, all vases fall onto the ground. He really is mad! He tells you that his brother is practicing with his weapons below, and that he is stupid. After this interesting conversation, go down to the bottom floor to find his brother Orca. He will teach you some basic skills. Do it and leave. Remember! Wait! There is more! You can return to Orca and train with him even more later, if you pass his test, you will be rewarded! Return to your house. Your grandma is in the alcove above, so climb the ladder to see her. She will give you the Hero's Clothes, so this is the costume Link will wear throughout the game! Go and find your sister at the Aryll's Lookout. She lends you a telescope, and teaches you how to use it. New Gadget! Telescope The Telescope is the item you get to spy on things. As simple as that. After pressing the button you assigned it into, use the C Stick to zoom in and out. Aryll will ask you to look at something. Looking at it reveals a giant bird in the sky, carrying a girl with him. Suddenly, a ship fires its cannon at it, and it lets go of the girl. The girl drops into the forest. Aryll says it is god to investigate. Unfortunately, there is nothing for Link to defend himself with. So go find Orca! Train again. After the training, Orca trusts you. You finally get your first sword, the Hero's Sword! New Weapon! Hero's Sword The Sword is the weapon that is permanently fixed into the B button. It is the standard weapon of the game. There is a large variety of tricks to do, and are all taught to you by Orca. Use it, have fun! With your new sword, you can hack away the trees and go to the Forest of Fairies. Tip! There is a house near the path leading to the Forest of Fairies. Inside, there is a gap for Link to crawl into, there is a chest with 20 Rupees inside. The bridge to the Forest is broken, so you will have to jump over. Enter. ------------------ Forest of Fairies ------------------ In the Forest, locate the girl. As you go closer, 2 more enemies will be airdropped upon Link, take them out as before. Then the girl will be safe. Remember! See the giant rock? It is blocking something. Better come back and blow it up when you have bombs. That girl is called Miss Tetra; one of her men came worriedly after her. Tetra herself is rather arrogant and looks down on Link. Get out of the forest anyway. Outside, Aryll comes out to meet Link, but the giant bird captures her! Link tries to go after her, but almost fell off a cliff. Luckily Tetra was there to save him. Upon return to the village, Tetra is surprised that link wants to come with them on her ship as she is leading some pirates, so she refuses. But suddenly, the Rito postman (bird-like) came and told them that it was all the pirates' fault that Aryll was kidnapped, he also tells that it is a trend that long haired girls like Tetra are kidnapped, the kidnapped bird likes to nest at a place far north called the Forsaken Fortress. Tetra finally relents, and asks Link to take a shield. Return to your house, and a rather sad grandma will give you your Hero's Shield when you climb up the ladder and come back down. Now you can defend yourself while in Fighter Stance by pressing R. Now, leave on the ship. *****PIRATE SHIP***** On the ship, Link waves goodbye to all the islanders. Then you will be left to play again, after Tetra taunts Link to go back. Now, go into the lower decks. In the lower deck, you will find Niko, he has a challenge for you. You have to raise all the platforms by the switch, and swing over to the other side. Complete it, it is very simple. The reward? A spoils bag! Use it to carry the things enemies drop. Go back outside now, the ship has reached the Forsaken Fortress. Go up the crow's nest. Tetra gives Link an item. It is a stone used as an intercom. Whenever the A button on screen flashes, press it to receive the message. They are using a very old-fashioned way to send Link in. By catapult! It works! But Link loses his sword. Boy, you are in a rough time! *****FORSAKEN FORTRESS (1, 7)***** What do we have here? A lot of searchlights! Avoid them, grab the rupees, and head through the door. Inside, there is are 2 doors, go through the one on the right, there is a second room, go through the other door while avoiding the monsters crying "nyah-nyah", do not climb up the ladder yet. IN the next room, there are many 2 moblins, you must not be spotted, or they will imprison you! Use a barrel to sneak around them. Do not move while they are looking at you, and you will be fine. After sneaking past them, you will come to a jail cell. There is a switch behind the barrels, so take them aside, and step on the switch to open the door. Inside is a chest, with a piece of heart! Goody doody gumdrops. For your information, there are 44 pieces of heart in this game, contributing to 11 heart containers, so be sure to get them all, in order to get a complete lifeline. Go all the way back to the first room you came in, and to the left, use the barrel to sneak past the Moblin as before. Go through the door. In the next room, avoid the bats and take another barrel to sneak past the other set of Moblins. In the next room, there is a chest with 10 Rupees. Climb up the ladder to the top, avoiding the Moblin laser. Presto, you are on the second floor of the fort. Remember this area. Now, go exploring the second floor for now. GO through the door you do not have to use a rope to reach that is the one directly in front of the ladder. In the next room, there is a ladder. Tetra gives you a hint to use the shield to make the monster above the ladder drop its weapon. Then you can use it on him to kill him and shut down the searchlight. To kill the monster, L-target it, and press R to go to a defensive stance. When the monster hits, the blow will be reflected on him and he will lose his weapon. Take the weapon and use it on him! After the monster is dead, the searchlight will point up to the sky. So it is deactivated. Now, climb down the ladder and go through the door on the other side. In the next room, there is a chest on the other platform. Swing over and open. It is a dungeon map! Now you can know the schematics of the fortress! Swing back and go through the other door. In the next room, you will find yourself in the large courtyard with the lights shining again. There is a path leading to another searchlight tower. Kill the monster as before to deactivate the lights. Go back to the room with the monsters saying "nyah-nyah" and climb up the ladder to the top and jump onto the platform. Swing over to the chest and open. It is a compass, now you know whether if you have missed any chests in the fortress as they will be shown on the map. Now, go all the way back to the room with the Moblin laser. Go up, and swing over to the door, and go through. In the next room, simply use the barrel and sneak past the Moblins and go through the double doors. New Enemy! Moblins Moblins are the heavier troops in Ganon's army. As with most monsters, just slash them to death. However, you must avoid their spears,as they do a considerable amount of damage. Moblins tend to carry Skull Necklaces. In the next open area, climb up the stairs, and you will see even more Moblins on patrol. Sneak past them as done before. After sneaking past, you can find a narrow section on the wall that you can sidle. Sidle to the other side. Sidle across the other section, and go up the stairs. Finally, your sword! Take it, and fight the monster, I think he is called a Bokoblin. Then go through the door. You won't be going back there with the spikes on the floor. New Enemy! Bokoblin The standard troops of Ganon's Army, they carry all sorts of clubbing weapons. Slash them to death, but only in the front as their jacket provides "Armor" for them. They tend to carry Joy Pendants. Inside, you will find your sister Aryll, along with 2 other girls, the rich being Mila, the poor being Maggie. Suddenly, the giant bird swoops down and grabs Link! The bird shows you to a familiar person with a familiar costume. But you cannot see his face yet. Then you are ejected, and thrown out to sea, only to be saved by a boat before you drown. Apparently, the boat can talk! he reveals the identity of that familiar figure, he is Ganon! He tells you to looks for a sail. You are now on Windfall Island. *****WINDFALL ISLAND (4, 6)***** Let's have an overview of the Island, shall we? You will first meet girls, the Little Tipsters, they will tell you a tip later, but not now. The first building you see is the bomb factory, inside, the man is to sell you bombs at extremely high prices, but someone will soon fix him up. Up the hill is a cell block. There is a man in white outside, who will teach you the song of passing once you have the Wind Waker. Inside the cell block, there is a switch, press it, and the prisoner, Tingle will be saved. He gives you a Tingle Tuner. Now, you can use your Gameboy Advance to contact him, if you have the cable. Tingle offers you many skills, like the Balloon, which allows you to hover, and he can also drop bombs on enemies. He also gives you Tingle's Chart, which shows you the location of Tingle Island in the Great Sea. Tingle also can help you with charts, so come to his island when you need to. There is a crawlspace as well, revealed by puling a crate aside. Go in these directions: Right, Forward, Left, Left, Forward, Right, Forward, Left, Forward, Left, Forward, Right, Forward, Forward, Right. I know my directions are all screwed up, but use trial and error, if they are wrong. Eventually, you will avoid being ejected by the mice, and reach a room with a chest. Inside is a Picto Box, which is essentially a camera. New Gadget! Picto Box The Picto Box allows Link to take up to 3 pictures at once. Set it to one of the assignation keys, and then press that button to use it. Use the C-stick to zoom in and out, and press A to take the picture. Press R to swap mode, and review or erase your pictures. Now, go back to the area with the bomb factory, and go into the village via the main way. There is a poor man, who tells you that his daughter Maggie has been kidnapped. Then it is time to scour the houses one by one. The first house to the right is the potion shop, the man there only sells red potion for the time being, but can create Green and Blue Potion is you collect 15 Green and 15 Blue ChuChu Jelly in your spoils bag and give it to him. The next house to the right has 2 floors, you are on the bottom floor, do not break the vases, or the owner on top will demand compensation. The top floor can be reached by another passage you will find in front. The chest there can be reached by jumping down from the second floor. It contains Rupees. Remember! There is a man sitting on the stairs, and if you talk to him, he says that if you give him the picture of a pale round thing that he is thinking of, he will reward you. So remember! The open booth to the right is Zunari's shop, he is selling a sail. Buy the sail off him. Above his shop is a cafe. There is nothing you can find there in the meantime. Above the stairs, there is a school ahead, the windmill to the left, and a photo gallery to the right. Enter the school first. Talking to the Teacher, Mrs. Marie reveals that the boys outside are very naughty. She asks you to talk to their leader Ivan. Then go out and talk. Ivan is leading the Killer Bees, he is the one with the brown hat. Talk to him. To make them listen, you will have to play hide and seek with them, they are all outdoors. After the talk, your mission to hunt them down begins. The first one is behind the stone where the man in white is hiding on a platform behind some bushes opposite the potion shop. To catch him, run to him and touch him. The second boy is behind the bomb factory. At this time, the little tipsters will tip you about the traveling merchants who are on Bomb Island, Greatfish Island and Mother and Child Isles if you give them 2 Rupeees. Remember the islands now. Then continue with the chase. The third boy is behind the rock with the man in white in front. Ivan is up a tree near the Bomb Factory. Use your rolling attack on each tree until he falls. Then you can capture him. After the 4 are captured, Ivan will apologize and give you a Piece of Heart as a gift. How kind. Then go back and find Mrs. Marie. She will reward you with 50 Rupees. Exit, and the Killer Bees will tell you that Mrs. Marie likes Jewelry more than anything, particularly Joy Pendants. Now go into the Windmill. Inside, there is a game for Kids. Pay the man 10 rupees to play. Minigame Time! Game for Kids This is practically a battleship game. You are to hunt down the giant squids in only 24 tries. There is a record, 20 at the moment which you can beat. The 3 squids are in large, medium and small sizes, and occupy 4, 3 and 2 squares respectively, you are to blow them out. As simple as that. Win, and you will gain one Piece of heart! Beat it a second time to get a Treasure Chart. When you break the record, you get Treasure Chart 23, a second one. Remember! Now, go up the stairs and through the door, and talk to the man, the man will tell you that the Windmill is not working, as the power-switch is of, and the wrong wind direction is blowing. Now, go down, and climb up the ladder. There is a switch, but it does not work yet. Remember to come back when you have the both the Wind Waker and the Flaming Arrows. After this, go into the photo shop. As long as you have your own Picto Box, the man will let you pass. You can then go and admire his gallery. There are pictures of ChuChus, one of the enemies in this game, the Private Oasis, Tingle's Island, Outset Island, your home island, a Ghost Ship. Remember! At this point, the man tells you of a person who draws a chart to illustrate the Ghost Ship'###########, but that man died, and the chart was lost. Remember this for now, as you will need that chart later. The next photograph is that of a statue on the Triangle Isles. There are 3 in total, and they are where Link must place the 3 pearls in. There are 3: Northern, Southern and Eastern Islands. The last photo is that of the Forsaken Fortress. Then you can leave. Remember! You can find the man later and he will give you a mission to do. Tip! There is a door above the one you came in. You will have to climb up the white wall via the ladder, and jump onto the blue and white awning. After that, use Tingle Balloon to hover there. Open the door. There are 2 chests. One has a Treasure Chart, the other has 50 Rupees. Tingle Calls! Tingle will ask Link to check the postbox. Go there, and press check on the Gameboy Advance. He asks you to locate the 3 benches on Windfall from the closest to the furthest. The first is by the rich man's house. The second is by the sea. The 3rd is outside the school. Then Tingle will call you and ask you to locate the Rupees he hid. The Rupees are hidden in one of the trees to be precise, but use Tingle on the GBA to find it. Then he will ask you to use tingle bomb on the jail door. Blow up the jail door, and a pot will be revealed, inside are 20 rupees. Now go back to the boat. The Boat gives you a sea chart, now you can go east, before that, open your 2 Treasure Charts, they are Nos. 7 (Star Island) and 29(Mother and Child Isles) Now, you can get into the boat, and set the sail to X,Y or Z and use it to activate the sail, sail east to Dragon Roost Island. On your way to the island, there is a sea platform, climb up and defeat the Bokoblins. A chest will appear, inside are 20 Rupees. *****DRAGON ROOST ISLAND (6, 6)***** As soon as you arrive, the boat will give you a wind waker, you can use it to conduct songs. As soon as you have control of Link, go after the boat ship. Inside Beedle's Shop Ship, buy the bait bag, some all purpose bait and some hyoi pears. Then leave. Remember! Save up to 30 points (30 purchases) for a Silver Membership, 60 for a Gold Membership. New Gadget! Wind Waker This legendary conductor's baton, allows Link to conduct melodies by the gods. Tilt the control stick left to conduct in 4/4 time, keep it in neutral position to conduct in 3/4 time, and to the right to conduct in 6/4 time. The music notes involve yellow arrows. Tilt the C-stick in the direction pointed to conduct that note. Understood? With the wind waker, go to the Wind Shrine and use the Wind Waker there. The Wind God Zephos will teach you the Wind's Requiem, a song for changing wind directions. The sequence is Up, Left, Right. He tells you that his brother Cyclos likes to make cyclones. Remember that for later. Now, go back to the rocks, and blow them all up. There is another section for you to sidle across. On the other side, blow up the rock, and jump down, pull the crates outwards to create a bridge, then you can reach the mall much more easily. Remember! There is a sign with an upward pointing arrow. If you look up with your telescope. You will find a line of bombs leading to a rock. Come back when you have the arrows and bow, and you can blow up that rock, revealing a chest with 200 Rupees! Follow the path, the Rito postman called Quill is there. He tells you to enter the mall and meet the chieftain. Enter the mall then. Inside, you will meet the chief, apparently, the Dragon Valoo is going in a rage. He tells you of his son Prince Komali of his weakness, and asks you to find a girl called Medli to take something for him. Quill will then give you a delivery bag. Take it, and go upstairs via the swirling passage. Go up, searching room by room until you find Medli. Remember! There is a guard by one of the doors, he tells you his girlfriend wants Golden Feathers, so when you collect 20 of them, come back and see him. Minigame! Letter Matching There is a Rito behind the counter, talk to him, and do some letter matching. You have to match the picture on the letter with the picture in the shelves. You get paid by the number of letters you can process. If you get 25 or more within the limit, then you can get 75 Rupees as pay! Equip the letter, and go all the way down to Prince Komali's room, it is accessed via a corridor on the bottom floor. Inside, give Komali the letter. Komali says that he will not give Link the pearl until he calms Valoo down! So, go back to the main mall, and go through one of the doors to the outside of Dragon Roost Cavern. Medli is there, she explains that Prince Komali turned bad as his grandmother died. Meanwhile, she asks Link to give her a boost, so she can fly to the shrine there. The wind direction is wrong, so use the wind waker, and set the wind to blow to the north. Then lift Medli, go up that ledge there and throw! She gives you an empty bottle before she leaves. Now, go to the puddle and collect some water by equipping the bottle with one of the 3 buttons, and pressing the button as you are in the puddle. Then go up to the wilted bomb flowers and pour water onto one of them, and a bomb will grow out. Use the bomb fruit and blow up that rock! The pond fills up and Link can swim across. Next, you will see more bomb fruit, and 2 sections of the walls over the lava pit each have a pot in them. Throw a bomb in each hole, to knock the walls down, creating a bridge over the lava. Cross, and enter. ------------------- Dragon Roost Cavern ------------------- This is officially the first dungeon of this Zelda Game. There are 2 statues in the entryway. Pull them aside to reveal a hole you can go through. Kill the Bokoblins, and take a torch, and ignite the 2 torches sticking out of the ground. A Chest appears. Inside is a small key. The Green cauldron is a teleport device, so use it well when you find other cauldrons. Use the small key to unlock the door and go through. The next room has a giant lava pit below, slash the wooden barrier, and turn left, go past the locked door, and jump down to the platform below. There is a crate. Pull it out. Climb up and jump to the next platform, avoid the lava spew, and jump forward, killing the bats if you like. There are more bomb fruits across the bridge, use it to blow up the rock in the way. A door is revealed. Go through. In the next room, Link is facing a lava pit, which will fry him if he jumps in what to do now? The answer is simple. Simply throw the water vases into the lava to reveal a temporary platform, then Link can jump on it as a stepping stone. The chest contains a dungeon map, with it, go to the other side. Climb up the ladder, there is a Red ChuChu. Kill it to get a Red Chu Jelly. New Enemy! Red ChuChu The Red ChuChu is a primitive enemy in the game, slash them to death in one shot, and they will leave behind their Jelly, which when given to the man in the Potion Shop at Windfall island, will give you Red Potion, which heals damage. One of the water vases on the top shelves has a Joy Pendant. When you have 20, go find Mrs. Marie on Windfall Island. Go through the door above, a Blue Bokoblin burst out behind a wooden barrier. Kill him, and use his knife to open up the other barriers. 2 more Red ChuChus are waiting for Link in a platform in front of the second barrier. Kill them, get their Jelly, and knife the barrier. There is a chest inside. There is a small key inside. With this, go through the other door you have seen just now. You are back in the lava room. Throw a rock at the bomb fruit to blow up the rock. The locked door which you passed is revealed again. Unlock it and go through. In the next room, 4 Red ChuChus are here to play, kill them all, break the fragile wooden barrier, and a Bokoblin will jump out of one of the vases when you smash it. Kill his, and take his club. Light the club up and burn down the other wooden barrier. Burning the barrier reveals a switch press it, and the barred door will open. There is a chest that cannot be reached by jumping for now, and it is in front of a lava pit. You will need a grappling hook for that. Link is outside. Kill the Bokoblin on the other side of the bridge, and climb up the ladder, avoiding the lava spurt. There is a bird on top, kill him, and take his Golden Feather. Sidle along the plank, and avoid the lava spurt. There is another wooden plank that link can grab onto, move to the other end, and take the bomb fruit. Blow up the rock and go through the door. New Enemy! Bird (Kargoroos) The Giant Birds are enemies that like to swoop down and peck Link! Slash them to death as usual. It is much easier to hit them with a boomerang though. They tend to carry Golden Feathers. In the next room, you will have to pull crates outwards to create steps for Link to climb up. Pull the left and middle crates outwards, and climb up to the hole above. You will then be given a tip, that is, whenever you see rats around, spreading bait near their nest will cause them to share their treasure with you. A chest with a compass is above the ladder. Take a club from the vases, and light it up, throw it at the wooden barrier to burn it away. Then you can open the revealed chest. There is a small key. Use it to open the door. You are outside again. Go up the steps, and kill the bird. Take the Small Key and unlock the door. Go through. Now, you can go in and out of this area, and continuously fighting the Kargoroos until you get 20 golden feathers, then proceed. Take a club, light it up, kill all bats, and light up the torch. Then open the chest for a Joy Pendant. Burn the wooden barrier to reveal another barred door. Light up the next 2 torches to remove the bars. Go through. The next room is another lava filled room. Use a bomb fruit to reveal the blue cauldron. Then cross the bridge and go through the door. Climb up the ladder, and get a club from a vase. Light it up, and use it to light up the other torch to reveal a chest. Inside is a treasure chart. Now, smash vase by vase to find 2 Bokoblins, kill them both, and the door you came in, as well as the one above will open. Go through the one above. The next room is lava filled. There is a magtail on the next ledge. Throw a water vase at it and it will be stunned, then slash it to death quickly! New Enemy! Magtail These ugly caterpillar like enemies are very fiery indeed. They attack by clamping Link between his paws. Luckily, some water can effectively stun him, when he's rolled up, slash him to pieces! Now, throw a water vase into a lava spurt, and jump on. The lava will blow the platform upwards, allowing Link to get to the top. Go through the door there. You are now in the boss's area, but you cannot get over there with the Grappling Hook. The giant rock can be blown up to reveal a yellow cauldron. Another rock to the left can be blown up to reveal another door. GO through that door. You are outside again. Valoo is in a bad mood. Now, climb up the stairs, the stairs ollapse! So it's the point of no return. Enter the "arena". Apparently Medli has been captured. It is time for the mid-time fight! Kill the 2 Bokoblins. Then a Moblin will be airdropped against Link. Kill him as well. Then Medli will be freed. She explains that Valoo's tail has been tampered about y someone, that's why he is so angry! She gives you a Grappling Hook before she flies off. New Gadget! Grappling Hook The Grappling Hook is back in Zelda! Equip it, then use it, now, you can aim with the red dot. If something can be latched on, a star sign will be shown. Then press the assignation key to latch on! The Grappling Hook can be used to haul treasure from the sea while you are on the boat. Press the assigned button to take out the hook. Then press and hold again to haul up the treasure. If you L-target enemies, the Grappling Hook can be used to steal stuff off them too! With the hook, climb up the stairs, and swing from that pole as instructed. Then swing from the next pole, and break the barrier. Then drop down. See the poles? Swing over with them! After a few more swings, you will come to a door, go through. We are in another lava filled room. Kill the 2 Bokoblins, one on the bridge, one in a vase, and a chest will appear below. Chop the bridge suspenders, and fall down to the platform below. Open the chest. It is a Joy Pendent. Go through the door in the other end. There is a birdcage, with a platform suspended by 3 cables, Spin Attack and the platform will be released. When it drops down, move into the alcove. Jump on the platforms, and then climb up the ladder in the other end. You will see a barred door. Use the grappling hook on the red switch you see on the ceiling, and the door will be unbarred. Then go through. In the next room, swing to the right, and go through the next series of platforms. Then swing to the next door. Tingle Item! See that suspiciously looking alcove opposite the door you came in? With Tingle, you can use Tingle Bomb and reveal a chest. Inside is a Dragon Tingle Statue! Save this or Tingle island Later. The next room has a magtail, stun him into a ball, and place him on a switch. The fire surrounding the chest will stop, and the Big key is inside, now you can find the boss. Now, you can go back to the room with the chest that you cannot reach earlier. Use the hook to swing over. Smash through the barrier, and open the chest. It's a treasure chart! (note: If you can use Tingle Balloon, you can come here earlier, instead of backtracking.) Now, let's go to the room outside the boss's room. In that room, swing over, avoid the magtail. There are 10 Rupees in one of the chests. A knight's crest in the other. One of the vases has a fairy in it. I strongly advise you to catch it in a bottle or later. Another vase has a Joy Pendant in it. Open the door into the boss's room. Boss Battle! Giant Magtail Move a few steps forward, and you will find that Valoo's tail is stuck. Suddenly, a giant creature springs out from the lava pit! It's a giant magtail! This Magtail's armor protects him for the time being. So you will find some way to shatter it. Now, just use the hook and swing from Valoo's tail to a platform above. The ceiling will fall down onto the Magtail, damaging his shell. The Magtail then pushes the ceiling back up again! Now, repeat again for 3 to 4 times, and the armor will shatter. Then you can come down and fight him man to man. As long as his head is down, you can slash him until he is dead. After he is dead, he and the lava pit will disappear, revealing a heart container! Take it now! You now have 4 Hearts! Now, walk into the little tornado like thing in the center. Link is warped back outside to the seaside, and Medli and prince Komali joins him. He gives you Din's pearl which is one of the pearls. Medli then says goodbye and follows Komali. Now, go back into the mall, and give the guard his 20 feathers. He will give you 100 Rupees for that, then go onboard your boat. Check with your charts, you now have Treasure Charts 11 and 39. The boat tells you to sail to the south. So, use the Wind Waker and change the wind direction to the south. Then go in and sail to the place indicated on your sea chart. Don't stop at any islands on your way, as it is not the time to go island hopping yet. *****FOREST HAVEN (6, 2)***** If you have bought bait and bait bag, then the Man-Fish will stop Link in the sea. He updates his charts for Link. Now, wherever you go, as you sea a fish jumping in the sea, go near the fish, and throw some bait near the arrow, and the Man-Fish will some and update your chart, and give you a little tip. The tip here is that, there is a peculiar cave behind Dragon Roost Island. However, Link cannot get there unless he can fly. Upon Arrival to Forest Haven, the boat will tell you that you can find the great Deku Tree inside. He tells you to talk to him in order to receive the Fayore's Pearl. The letterbox is wriggling, so there are letters inside. It is from the Rito guard's girlfriend. She thanks you and gives you a Piece of Heart! Great! Now you have 5 Hearts! There is a new enemy, the Boko Baba Plant. New Enemy! Boko Baba Plant These are practically Zelda versions of the Piranha Plant. They are not hard to defeat. Just smack them until they expose their stem, then slash it to kill them. The boomerang works best. They tend to carry Boko Baba Seeds. Kill all Boko Babas with Care, and proceed up the hill. Do not enter the water, as the currents can easily carry Link back to where he's started. Instead, use the grappling hook to move between platforms. There are some octoroks in the water. OS be careful. New Enemy! Octorok The Octoroks have returned to the Zelda series. They still phrow spiked balls at Link. To kill them, simply play Tennis with them! When the ball is about to hit Link, use the sword to knock it back towards him! You will finally come to a cave. Enter. Inside, you will find the Great Deku Tree. Come closer, and you will find that he is being harassed by ChuChus. Shake them off with a Rolling Attach and kill them all! New Enemy! Green ChuChu They behave like Red ChuChus, but they take one more swipe to kill. They tend to carry Green Chu Jelly. After the ChuChus are all dead, the Deku Tree will carry Link up and thank him. Then he will introduce to you his Koroks. The Deku Tree will give Link the pearl as soon as their ceremony is over, but one of them, maker is missing. He was lost in the Forbidden Woods, and people cannot enter it from the sea, so the Great Deku Tree will give Link a Deku Leaf to float there. But it is on his top branch, so Link will have to use the Boko Baba Buds as springboards to get up there. Once you are on the top platform, take the Deku Leaf. Then float to where the green arrow is. There is a door, go out. New Gadget! Deku Leaf The Deku leaf is the flotation device of the game. Jump of a ledge and press and hold the button that you assigned it to to float. However, this takes magic power, so watch that power meter. When you are on the ground, you can use it to blow wind into enemies. Isn't that nice? Outside, there are 3 Islands. You are supposed to go to the one in the center. But I suggest you go to the other 2 Islands first. Set the wind so that it points to that Island and use the leaf. The left island has a chest, inside is Treasure Chart 3. Go back to the sea, and find the Man-Fish and have him update your map. He gives you a tip. A merchant with a giant backpack can be found a little north of Forest Haven. What could he be doing there? Now, go all the way back to the platform you began with, and now, float to the right. The right island has an entrance to the Nintendo Gallery. A boy there will show you the switch to open it. It is in an alcove on the cliff side of the main island. SO you will have to use a Hyoi Pear to entice a seagull to press the switch. Then the hatch will open. A ladder is dropped into the sea, now Link can get there much more easily by boat. Remember! Inside the Gallery, the man will offer to give you a membership if you can take some impressive pictures with the Picto Box. You will have to wait until you have the color Picto Box before you can do it, though. Back to business! Go back to the platform and float back to the central platform, and the float to the entrance of the Forbidden Woods, using the updraft as a boost. Avoid the Peahats on the way. New Enemy! Peahats These are some airborne monsters that behave like helicopters. To deal with them, stun them by blow wind into them with a Deku Leaf. Then slash them! Simple. Enter the Woods now. --------------- Forbidden Woods --------------- IN the first room, kill all Green ChuChus. Explore the room for a treasure chest in an alcove. Inside is a dungeon map. There is a Boko Nut in a corner. Sue it on the eye of the plant barring the door to kill it. Then you can open the door and go through. The next room is a very large open area which occupies a few floors. I suggest you drop to the bottom first. There are Boko Baba plants there. Kill them, and take the stick they leave behind. Light it up, and use it on the eye blocking the treasure chest. Now you can open the chest. Inside is a Knight's Crest. With these things jump back up to the first floor through combined use of the Deku Leaf and the Baba Buds. Avoid the thorny tentacles! Continue our way, moving from bud to bud. You will arrive at another platform with a bomb fruit. Kill the ChuChus and blow up the plant blocking the door. Then go through. The next room has a gondola. Use the Deku Leaf to blow onto the fan-like mechanism on the left to make the gondola come to you. Then get on, and use the other mechanism to carry you to the other side. Go through the other door there. In the next room, kill all 3 Boko Babas, one of them will turn into a Baba Bud, which you can use to jump to the platform above. There is a chest with 20 Rupees in an alcove. Float there with the Deku Leaf if you want extra cash. At the top, there is another plant blocked door. Ride the Gondola to the other side, and you can find a Boko Nut behind a Wooden Barrier. Take it with you as you ride the Gondola back. Then throw it at the plant as it reveals its eye. Go through the revealed door. In the next room, the Boko nut is being surrounded by thorns. SO Link will have to use the Deku Leaf to blow it out of the area guarded. Then he can unblock the door and go through. In the next room, use the Grappling hook to swing all the way up and reach the Korok House. On your way, get pass the locked door, and unblock another door you see with the Boko Nut. Go through. There is a treasure chest in the next room in the pit. It contains 10 Rupees. There are some spiky balls that like to cling onto you. Use the Spin Attack to shake them off and kill them. Go through the door at the other side. The next room is a maze of thorns sticking out of the ground. First, navigate to the bomb fruit and blow up the first Wooden Barrier you see for a chest. Inside is the compass. Then blow up the next one and navigate to hat alcove for a chest with a small key. Now, use the baba bud to jump to a higher platform. You will see a set of platforms with vases. The vase in the highest platform has a Joy Pendant inside! Then, go back to the room with the locked door you passed just now, and open that door. The next room has another gondola. You know what to do, go through the door on the other side. In the next room, use the Boko Baba and go up to the platforms above until you see an unblocked door. Go through that door. By the way, notice that insect creature? New Enemy! Mothula Mothulas are just like the Magtails of Dragon Roost Cavern. However, they have an attack which spawns those sticky balls. Just slash them to death. The door is barred! It's time for our mid-level boss! Boss Battle! This giant evil butterfly just likes to do dive attacks. Luckily, when Link slashes his wings away, he can be slashed to death very quickly. However, this butterfly just likes to spawn those balls that stick into Link in order to slow him down. Anyway, just keep slashing and you will win. After the battle, a chest is revealed. Inside is a boomerang! New Weapon! Boomerang Yes, the powerful ballistic weapon is finally in Lin's hands. Press and hold the button you assigned into to aim. When a target can be hit, a star will show up. You can target up to 5 objects at once. Otherwise, L-target enemies. To get out of the room, target the 2 switches above the door, and throw the boomerang. Presto! You can get out now. Back outside, use the grappling hook on the green pole, and climb up and step on the pole. Then garb onto the next pole onto the platform above. Then go up through the rising platforms. Use the boomerang on the 2 eyes blocking the door. Then you can go through the door revealed. There is a chest with a Joy pendent up there. In that room, clear the spiky nuts, and float to the other side. There is a chest with a Joy Pendant. Take it and go through the door. You are on top of the central room again. Float back to the rising platforms, and go to the very top. Blow away the pile of leaves to reveal a Blue Cauldron. Then use the Bommerang, target the 5 sticks that hold up the Korok House, and it will fall into the basement. Then you can drop down to B1. Down there, open the door. In the next room, avoid those balls and those blue magic sucking tubes, and go through the door on the right. In the next room, jump to the chest and get the 10 Rupees, then chop the flower's suspenders down with the boomerang. There is a bomb fruit, blow up the barrier and go through the door revealed. In the next room, kill a Boko Baba on one of the platforms, and it will turn into a Baba bud. Use it to jump up to a platform above. Ten ride the gondola to the other side. Take the bomb fruit. Throw the bomb down the hole. Then jump down the hole and open the chest. It is a treasure chart. Now, the door will be unbarred. Go back to where you found the flower. Tingle Only! One of the islands along the wall in that room hide a treasure. When you are in the right spot. Tingle will tell you that it smells of treasure. Use a Tingle Bomb there, and a chest will be revealed. Open it for the Forbidden Tingle Statue! If you have followed my tips above, you have recovered 2 out of 5 of the Tingle Statues! Get on the flower, and use the Deku Leaf to propel the flower to the platform on the other end of the canal. Go through the door there. Inside the next room, the door is blocked by thorns. Trapped? Not exactly. See the switches above the cacti? Climb on top of the tower with the chest inside, and target all 5 switches at once with the boomerang. The chest is revealed. Now, you can take the Big Key from the inside!!! After you take the key, 2 Moblins will be airdropped against you. Kill them, and a door high above will be unbarred. Use the Grappling Hook to reach it. Then go through the door. Now, get back to the place where you first dropped down to B1. Use the deku leaf of the fan to activate an updraft. Then Drift into the draft to go back to 1F. Now you have the Big Key, it's time to hunt down the chest which you have missed. Go all the way back to the giant room with all those thorny tentacles. There is a chest in an alcove at the very top. Kill the eye with the boomerang. Inside is a Treasure Chart. When you are done, head to the room with the big hole in the ground, caused by the falling Korok House. There is a door blocked by 2 eyes, kill them to unblock the door. Go through. In the next room, kill the 2 mothulas, and the 2 doors will be unblocked. A chest containing a Joy Pendant will also appear. Move on. The next room is the room before you meet the boss. Break the nuts to get some rupees, healing items, and fight some Green ChuChus and groups of spiky balls. You can take a stick and burn the lid covering the yellow cauldron. When you are ready, go through the door. Maker is inside suddenly, a giant bud grows around him and eats him! Boss Battle! Giant Bobo Baba This is not too hard, use the boomerang to sever all suspenders before they regrow, then the bud will open, revealing the tender part. Run to it and slash it as many times as you can before the bud covers up again. Repeat again. Then when the plant is dead, take the Heart Container. You now have 6 hearts. Step into the wind. You are back in front of the Great Deku Tree. He congratulates you and gives you the Farores Pearl. After listening to the Koroks play their music, they all leave. You can go back to your boat now. The postbox will be wiggling, examine it to get your letter. Is from the Rito Chieftain, he encloses a Piece of Heart for you! Check your Charts you should have Treasure Charts 1 and 15. Now, go to the spot marked on your sea chart. No island hopping until I say so! *****GREATFISH ISLE (2, 4)***** As soon as you get close to the Island, a storm brews up. The boat tells you that Jabun, the water spirit has disappeared from here. Suddenly, the Rito postman tips you off that Jabun is seeking shelter on Outset Island. He is hiding behind a giant stone door on the back of the island. He advises you to find the pirates first on Windfall Island, as they are after Jabun too. Now, leave, but first, ask the Man-Fish to update your sea chart. He gives you a tip. Link should come around this area at night when the left part of the moon is missing, That's when IT appears. (we don't know what IT is) Sail to Windfall island. *****WINDFALL ISLAND (4, 6)***** The boat asks Link to look for the pirates without them knowing you. Go to the Bomb Factory, attempt to open the door, and you will hear the manager yelling at someone. Who could they be? Remember the back? There are some vines for Link to climb up. Crawl into the hole there. Apparently, the pirates have tied up the bomb shop owner as they are dissatisfied by his poor service attitude. Heh heh. Tetra wants to move on quickly, but the pirates want to party in the town. Tetra sees Link above, and winks at him. She decided to party after all. Before they leave, mako, the short sighted one, asks Gonzo, the tall green one about the password. It is a random word, e.g. "swabbies" "treasure", etc. Remember it! Now, get out. The postbox is wiggling again. It's from Orca, he tells you to show him some knight's crests if you want to be a true swordsman. He encloses 20 Rupees for you. You cannot untie the manager, so return to the ship. Attempt to enter the cabin, and Niko will ask you for his password. Say it and he will let you in. Inside, down below, Niko will offer you a challenge, it is the same again, swing to the other side before the bars come down. No explanations needed. Once you get over to the other side, and you get 30 bombs as a reward! New Weapon! Bomb What can I say? Press the assignation button to take a bomb out. Then press A to throw it, and R to drop it at your feet. Whenever you see rocks or our suspicious cracked surfaces. Using bombs may just work. At sea, you can deploy a cannon to use against your enemies. Now, Tetra will call you on the stone. She tells you that Jabun is hiding in the back of the Island that you are in, he is blocked by a giant stone doorway. She asks you to hurry up, as they will sail there the first thing in the morning. You heard the lady? Leave and sail for Outset Island. But before that, take the letter from the postbox. It's from Beedle. He tells you hat he is selling bombs now. He encloses a Beedle's Chart to you. Now you know where to find his Shop Ships. *****OUTSET ISLAND (2, 1)***** Upon arrival, the boat will tell Link that time has frozen, so we need not worry about the pirates overtaking Link. This is good. Before you go and find Jabun, I suggest you Island Hop. Visit Orca first. Talk to him and how off your sword skills! You are to hit him as many times as you can before he hits you 3 times. It is not that hard. L-target him, and thrust him 4 times. Then press R to hold up your shield to block his attack. Repeat until you manage to hit him 999 times! Then he will reward you with a piece of heart! How kind. That's the 6th so far. If you show him a knight's crest, he will tell you to find him after you have 10 of them. The next thing to do is to go back to the forest of fairies. The bridge is completely out. Souse the Deku leaf from the highest point possible and Link should just make it. Inside, blow up the giant rock and you will find a fairy fountain. Walk closer, and a giant fairy will come and extend your Rupee carrying capacity to 1000 Rupees! Capture a fairy now if you have not done so. When you have returned from the fountain, come to your house. There is a letter. It's from Beedle again, apparently, he is selling one empty bottle, one piece of heart and one treasure chart on his shop ship near Rock Spire Isle. 1 Rupee is attached. How ridiculous! Find your grandma, and give her the fairy you captured. She will make some Elixir Soup, which is essentially a healing item. It also doubles your attack powers when you drink it as long as you do not take damage. One bottle has 2 servings. Now, it's time to go to the back of the island. Sail to the stone door. Apparently it's guarded by a whirlpool. You have to blow up the door before you are trapped. Afterwards, the whirlpool will subside, and you can enter the cave. Inside, we meet Jabun, and he is speaking in a language that I cannot understand. But Ganon's return has been confirmed. He gives you Nayru's Pearl. All 3 pearls are obtained! Back outside, the boat marked the places you have to place the pearls into. The guide covers them in this order: (4, 3), (6, 4), (4, 5). *****SOUTHERN TRIANGLE ISLAND (4, 3)***** Find the Man-Fish, and update your sea chart. The tip here is, there is a famous pictographer on Windfall (You have met him already). He has legendary pictographs which people say he keeps in a special safe. Get on the island, avoiding the Madhats that guard the island. Then place the Nayru's pearl on the statue. Now, leave, you don't have to return until you are going for a treasure hunt, so don't worry. Go for Island (6, 4). New Enemy! Madhat They are some sinister helicopter fish that like to ram into your boat, knocking Link off. Avoid, as they often team up to get you. Tip! By the way, when I was at square (5, 3) on the sea chart, and I sailed right into the group of seagulls, suddenly, a Big Octo came out of the sea. After I defeated it, it left behind something shining, so I went to that spot and used the grappling hook. I managed to scoop up a chest! Inside was 100 Rupees! New Enemy! Big Octo These are practically giant Octoroks. When they appear, they create a whirlpool, so you must defeat him before you can leave. To defeat him, simply target his eyes with your boomerang. Repeat until all of them turn red! Then he will leave behind treasure! Now, as long as you see a large group of seagulls grouping together in the sky while you are at sea, sail there, and most likely a giant Octo will appear! There are 3 types of Giant Octos. Some have 12 eyes, some 8 and some 4. The rewards vary depending on the type you beat. Happy hunting! Now, back to work. *****EASTERN TRIANGLE ISLAND (6, 4)***** Update your sea chart as usual. The tip here is that, fairies can be captured and put in a bottle (You know that already, don't you?) To find one, go south until you see a submarine there. Investigate the sub. (But not now!) Nearby, are some treasure hunters. Talking to them will net you a Treasure Chart 34. And it is right here on this island! So, find the large pillar of light in the sea, and use the grappling hook there! Check the chart to make sure you are at the right spot. The Treasure here is, a Silver Rupee! That's 200 Rupees! Get on the island now. Place the Farore's pearl onto the statue, and head for the next island. On my way to the Northern Triangle island, I stopped at square (5, 5). It is the Eastern Fairy Island. I got the following tip from the Man-Fish. Every night, the people of Windfall Island hold an auction. They gather at the Hall of Wealth (The Rich Man's House) to do the auctions. One of the things sold is a Piece of Heart. I then used Treasure Chart 3 to locate the treasure. The Treasure is 200 Rupees. Now, go to that lone platform there. Blow up all gun ports with your boomerang and climb up. Defeat the Bokoblins. A chest is revealed. Inside, is a Boko Baba seed. Now, go back to the island and blow up the rock, a hole is revealed, jump down. It is a fairy fountain. The big fairy there can increase your bomb load to 60! Now, get back out. The letterbox may wiggle. Inside, there will be a letter from Grandma, she encloses 20 Rupees for you. Remember! There is a Korok with a withered tree. You can come back to help him later. Continue to the 3rd Triangular Island. *****NORTHERN TRIANGULAR ISLAND (4, 5)***** Update your chart. The Man-Fish tips you off again. He tells you to teach the Killer Bees on Windfall Island a lesson (You have done that already. Have you not?) There is a barge of treasure seekers, but they do not have anything to give you. Get on the island. Remember! There is a cyclone nearby. It is the work of cyclos. But you cannot get him yet. So come back later. On the island, place the Din's pearl into the statue. The 3 Goddesses awake. The statue explodes, and the 3 form a triangle in the sea. IN the middle, the symbol of the Triforce appears. Ten a tower sticks out! Link gets knocked into the wall of the tower. *****TOWER OF THE GODS (5 ,4)***** The boat tells Link that he is taking the trial from the God's, update your sea chart. The Man-Fish will give you the following tip. HE tells you that you are destined to some here many times, and the fate can be controlled by something called the Triumph Forks. To learn more about the Triumph Forks, talk to Tingle. Now, sail into the Tower of the Gods. This guide will assume you begin from the bottom floor first. From the map, there are 5 doors arranged in a rectangle, as well as one door behind a gate. Wait for the water level to drop, and go through the lower right door in the rectangle. In the next room, kill the Yellow ChuChu, he is electrical, so be careful. Then wait for the water to rise, and blow up the cracked walls to reveal some alcoves. One of them will have a chest there. It's a dungeon map! One of the alcoves has a Joy Pendant hidden in a vase. If you have trouble reaching the alcoves, push the boxes so when they float up, they are in front of the walls. Then you can easily bomb them. With all the items, get out of this room. The next room to visit is the door in the upper right hand corner of the rectangle. To open the barred door, place one of those urns onto the green panel on the floor. Then it will be unbarred. Go through. In the next room, drop down the pit when the water level is down, and place a box on the panel. A bridge will be revealed above. Cross the bridge before the water level rises, and take the urn from its spot. Then with it in hand, go back out to the main area, and place the urn into the blue square. The gate will open. Now, go to the door revealed, place the 2 urns on the 2 panels, and go through the now unbarred door. In the room that follows, arrange the boxes in a line, so they can form stepping stones for Link to cross when the water level rises. After that, take a stick, and light it up. Carry it to the other side. Then light up the 2 torches. A chest with an old key is revealed. Take the key, and go back to the entryway. Get onto your boat, and deploy your cannon. Blow up the 2 cracked walls. Then go through. There are 2 doors. Go through the one at the top first. There is a skull hat called a Red Bubble. Slash it to death with your sword. Then open the chest you see. It's a compass. Now get out, remember the eye on the wall. New Enemy! Red Bubble They are skull heads, what can I say? Disable one with a Deku Leaf and slash him! Back outside, take a stick, light it up, and wait for the water level to drop. Then light up the 2 torches below. A chest is revealed. There is a Joy Pendanat inside. Now, go through the locked door below. In the next room, kill the Yellow ChuChus. A staircase appears. Go up them, and take the urn. With it in hand, take it back out, and place it on the red square near the door above the stairs. A waterfall will stop running, revealing a passageway. Go through the door there. There is a new enemy in that room. New Enemy! Beamos Eye These are the eye lasers of the game. Just don't hang around, and they cannot zap you. Red ones are homing on Link, while Blue ones just try to block your path. If you must kill them, use an arrow on the eye. Take the 2 urns and place them on 2 of the panels. Then step on the third panel yourself, and the platforms will be activated. Use the platforms to reach the top of the room. Tingle Only! On the very top, notice a very suspicious no-moving platform? Move Tingle there and you can see a question mark on the GBA Screen Use a Tingle Bomb there and a chest is revealed. Inside is the Goddess Tingle Statue. That makes the 3rd out of 5 statues! Go through the door on top anyway. You are now in the heart of the Tower of the Gods. There are 3 other doors, 2 of them are barred. Go through the Red one first. In the next room, ride the platform to the other side. Then go through the other door. Remember the eye on the wall. In the next room, go over to the altar with the statue, and press R to call the statue. It will follow you. Guide him back to the door, and lift him up, you can jump with him in hand. Carry him back all the way to the central room. The statue moves to one of the circular panels. Move to the altar with the markings that indicate directions. Take out your Wind Waker and use it. You will be taught the Command Melody. It is in 4/4 Time. The directions are left, Neutral, Right, Neutral. Another door is unbarred, and turns red. The statue tells Link that you can now command the other statues and guide them to this room. Go through that door. In the next room, there is a large pit. Swing to the door on the opposite side and go through. In the next room, swing to the altar, and call the statue, then stand on the pad. A bridge is formed. Command the statue with the Command melody, and move him to the other side. Swing back and carry him through the door. Back in the room you were, place the statue onto the pad, and a door will be unbarred. Swing to that door and go through, leaving the statue behind. In the next room, you are introduced to a new swordsman enemy the Darknut! New Enemy! Dark Nut The Darknut is a heavily armored swordsman of Ganon. As they are protected. You cannot hurt them when they have their armor on. Seems an invincible foe, eh? Wrong! Press R to defend against his blos, and when he pauses between slashes, go behind him and slash his red straps! His armor will come off, and you can slahs him as you please. Now, just use your shield at the right times, and he cannot slash you! When they are dead, Darknuts tend to leave behind Knight's Crests. After the Darknut is dead, a chest containing the hero's bow is revealed! New Weapon! Hero's Bow We now have the Bow. Set it to the assignation buttons, and press that button to aim, and press the button again to fire. You can swap between Fire Arrows and Ice Arrows if you get the ability later by pressing R. Leave the room. Back at the room before, fire an arrow at the eye. 2 platfroms are activated. Swing back to the statue, and carry him across, return to the central room, avoiding the Armos that come out. New Enemy! Armos Armos are those evil urns you see. Stop them with an arrow in the eye. Then slash their red butt! Now, laugh as the thing spins around uncontrollably before exploding! The statue is in place. Go through the 3rd Red Door. There are 4 doors here. The one opposite you is locked. So let's put an urns onto the left platform, and weight it down. Then blow up the cracked wall and go through the door there first. Shall we? There is a green pad symbolizing wind. Conduct the Wind's Requiem on it, and a chest with a Treasure Chart will be revealed. However, the 2 Giant Urns awake and became Giant Armos! New Enemy! Giant Armos They are giant versions of the Armos. They basically attack in the same way, but they open their mouths periodically, so feed them with a bomb! Then when it explodes. They will again spin out of control before exploding! It's fun to watch! Exit the room, and go through the door opposite. This room is full of moving platforms. Shoot an arrow into the eye to activate that platform. Then jump on. Jump onto the platform above for a chest with a Small Key. Look up, there is another eye. Shoot it to activate the platform. Use another rising platform to get to that platform, and on that eye pillar platform, aim and shoot another eye above the door you came in to make a chest appear. Inside is a Joy Pendant. Now, go back to the room with the 2 platforms above water, and open the locked door. The 2 platforms behave like a scale. When the contents on one platform are heavier than the other, that platform will sink while the other one rises. So, place 3 urns on one platform, and you can go to the other side via the other as that has risen high enough. The statue in the next room is guarded by Laser Walls. Float to the statue using the Deku leaf from the high yellow ledge. Call the statue, then command him to the panel. The laser walls will be deactivated. Then you can go to the statue and carry him out of the room. Back in the room with the 2 platforms, place the statue on one platform, then go back and place 4 urns on the other. Then you can jump to the urn and carry him back to the central room. By the way, notice those birds throwing fireballs at Link? New Enemy! Wizzrobe These are bird wizards. They just like to burn Link with their Fireballs. When you meet one, you should slash them to death, or shoot them with arrows to kill them. After the 3rd Statue is in place, you can get up to the next floor with the light. On the 3rd Floor Central Room, kill the 2 Beamos Eyes, and break the vases, a Joy Pendent is found on one of them. Then place the 2 urns on 2 of the panels, and then step on the 3rd. The chest containing the Big Key is revealed! Kill the 2 Armos, and laugh as they run berserk! Ha ha! Now, before you go any further, let's hunt the chests that we missed, shall we? Remember the room on the first floor with the eye? Now you can shoot it. A chest containing a Treasure Chart is revealed! Now, go up to the eye you haven't shot on the 2nd Floor. In that room, shoot the eye, and a platform will be activated. Use the platform to go up. Enter the room, inside, blow up the Giant Armos as you have done before, and a chest will appear. Inside, is a Joy Pendant. With all these treasures, go back to the 3rd floor, and through the door. You are now on an outside walkway. Destroy all Blue Beamos that zap lasers in your path, then you can enter the Boss's Room. The Gods will give Link the Final Challenge! It's time for... Boss Battle! This battle isn't really hard, just target the red eyes of the head, and when you have shot them with arrows enough times, the head will come down, and will open his mouth, throw in a bomb, and the head will blow up. Then the boss will be reactivated. Repeat this pattern 3 times, and he will give up, and reveal your path to you. Easy! Just avoid the electrical pit along the edges of the arena, and the fireballs that the head spits out. After the battle, a heart Container is given to you. Now you have 7 Hearts! Step into the light. Check your charts, you now have Treasure Charts 6 and 30. Then climb up the ladder to the bell tower. Use the Grappling Hook on the bell and swing. The bell is now rung! A light ring in the sea is revealed outside the Tower. The boat tells you that your trial begins in the world below. Now, you will be taken into the light ring. You are now in a monochrome world. Enter the castle as instructed. In side, you see a lot of Moblins and Darknuts, but they are all frozen still. I wonder... Explore the hall, you will come to a herald on the ground in the shape of the Triforce. The boat gives you a hint. Get the hint? Push the 3 triangular slabs of stone so they form the shape of the Triforce. Then the basement will be revealed. In the basement, take the master sword as instructed. As soon as you take the Master Sword, the monochrome world will have color again, and all the monsters above are now active! It's time to leave. Don't forget to kill all the monsters in the main hall above, then the laser walls guarding the exits will shut down. Now, you can leave. Don't bother going through the other back door, as the bridge is blocked by a magical barrier. So Link will just get repelled if he tries to go through. Find your boat. Your next objective is to fid your sister in Forsaken Fortress. Get out through the light ring. Tip! On your way to Forsaken Fortress, pass by Square (3, 5) on your sea chart. Sail into the Sea Gulls, and a 12 eyed Big Octo will come out to play. Defeat him, and he will leave behind a piece of heart. That makes the 7th! Tip! When you are on Square (2, 6), sail towards the cyclone. Cyclos will appear above. Hit him with arrows 3 times, and he will stop the cyclone, and teach you the Ballad of Gales, it is in 4/4 Time in the order: Down, Right, Left, Up. Now you can warp to certain places on your sea chart with his cyclones. Continue on your way. Don't stop for anything. Just get to the Fortress. Sail around the Fortress for a wooden gate. Then blow it up with your cannon. Then you can enter the Fortress. *****FORSAKEN FORTRESS (1, 7)***** Attempt to get in through the double doors, and Ganon's Shadow will come to get you! Boss Battle! Ganon's Shadow Ganon's Shadow ust like to throw fireballs at you. Play tennis, use your Master Sword to knock it back, but Ganon can knockit back to you too. So, you will have to repeat it 5 times before e gets hit by his own fireball. Then he will be stunned, slash him 4 times. Then he will go up with the attack again. Just repeat 3 times, and he will disappear, and a chest will materialize. Inside is a Skull Hammer! New Weapon! Skull Hammer Another cool weapon for Link. When you use it, the shockwaves formed can stun enemies when they are close enough. It can also be used to pound switches and certain obstacles to the ground. Now, go back to your sister's cell block. You should remember how to get there. Outside the cell block, there is a switch. Use the Skull Hammer to press it. Then you can get in. Inside, Link is about to open the cell to free Aryll, but Tetra and the pirates burst in. However, she noticed that Link had the Master Sword. She is surprised. She asks the pirates to take Mila and Maggie away to seek the rewards of their fathers. Now, Aryll and Link are reunited, but Tetra tells Link that there is something that he has to take care of. So she asks her men to deliver her back to Outset island. When Tetra leaves, the exit is locked, and the cell block is flooded! The Giant bird swoops down. Run up to the top! Hurry! Otherwise, the Bird will break the passage, and you will have to wait until the water rises up. At the very top, Hit the bird once with your Skull Hammer, and it will black out, and drop into the water below. The water level stops going up. Continue to the top of the tower. Suddenly, the hole seals up, and the giant bird is back! Boss Battle! Giant Bird The giant bird has a variety of attacks. First, he will attempt to peck you twice. In each attempt, his beak is stuck onto the ground, so you can hammer his head armor twice. Then the bird will attempt some swooping attacks. Just don't get hit by his claws and you'll be fine. He will also attempt to blow Link into the spiky walls using his wings. In that case, run upwind towards the bird to avoid being spiked. Now, hit him in the head armor 2 more times, and his face will be revealed. Now, feel free to use whatever means possible to kill the bird. Boomerang works the best when he is airborne. When he is dead, take the Heart Container. You now have 8 hearts! Go through the passage that no longer has spikes on it. Go through the door there. Meet your archenemy, Ganondorf. He tells you that the Master Sword is also a key to prevent Ganondorf from using his magic. Now, Link has freed him, oops! Link tries to slash Ganondorf, but he is stopped. Apparently the Master Sword is now powerless! Ganondorf is about to kill Link, but Tetra bursts in and interrupts the scene. Ganondorf now strangles Tetra. Suddenly, Ganondorf notices that his hand has the Triforce Symbol appearing on it. He now knows that Tetra is Princess Zelda! Tetra denies it. But Ganondorf asks her why she had the Triforce piece on her. Suddenly, The Rito Postman and Prince Komali took Link and Tetra away, and Valoo the dragon torches and burns the Fortress down. *****TOWER OF THE GODS (5, 4)***** We are now at the Tower of the Gods again. We now go back to the world beneath the sea! Tetra finally wakes up in that world. Suddenly, someone else contacts Link with his stone. That person tells Link to go to the room where he collected the Master Sword, taking Tetra with him. So now go. In the basement, Tetra asks the mystery man who he is. That man reveals that the stone is actually a gossip stone used by the Hyrulean Family. He tells him hat they are in the legendary kingdom Hyrule. The man is the King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule. He is the King of Red Lions, which is the boat! He reveals that when Ganon tried to take over Hyrule, no one could stop him, and in the end, the Gods responded to their Pleas by sending a big downpour of rainfall, creating the Big Sea. As the Gods know sealing away Hyrule would make it easy for Ganon to take over the land, their chose people to create a new country, and seek refuge on the mountain tops. Those were Link's ancestors. He asks Tetra to come forward. The stone Tetra wears is part of the Triforce of Wisdom. The Triforce of Wisdom is apparently one of the great powers the Hyruleans tried to defend from Ganon's clutches. He puts the Triforce of Wisdom together, and turns Tetra into Princess Zelda! She now has the symbol of the Trforce on her hands too! Now, the King instructs Link to go while Zelda stays in hiding in this chamber. Back outside, go see the Boat. He tells you that the reason that the Master Sword lost its power is that someone is done something to the sages that infused the power to the blade. He tells you that the sages are in the Wind Temple to the north and the Earth Temple in the south. They can be accessed from the islands marked on your sea chart. So get out of here. Your next mission: Recover the 8 shards of the Triforce of Courage. But first, sail to square (2, 6), the Mother and Child Isles. *****MOTHER AND CHILD ISLES (2, 6)***** Update your sea chart as usual. The tip is hat there is a Fairy Queen inside the big rock of the larger isle! At this point, use Treasure Chart 29 to find the treasure. It's a Silver Rupee! Worth 200 Rupees! Now, warp to the Isle. You will be inside the rock. Inside is the Fairy Queen. She gives you the ability to use Fire Arrows and Ice Arrows! How Kind. Now, warp all the way back to Dragon Roost Island and sail South until you reach a volcano. It's Fire Mountain. *****FIRE MOUNTAIN (6, 5)***** Don't go near the mountain yet. Instead, go for the platform. Destroy the gun ports and climb up the platform. Kill all Bokoblins. There are 2 chests, one with a Golden feather, another with 10 Rupees. Now, approach the volcano and update your sea chart. Link is tipped off that there is treasure in the volcano, and you can use Ice arrows to freeze the volcano. So that's what you will do! Freeze the volcano and go on in! You have 5 minutes before the place heats up again. Inside the volcano, follow the stepping stones in the lava and kill the 2 magtails, then a chest will be revealed. Inside is the Power Bracelet. Now Link can lift up very heavy objects! The time limit is gone, so Link is safe. Get out now, To get out, lift the big headstone. Then you can get out. Now, sail south to square (5, 2). *****ICE RING ISLE (5, 2)***** Update your Sea Chart, then the Man-Fish tells you that, there is treasure inside that glacier. You have to use Fire arrows to get in. So, move close enough, and use your Fire Arrows. You have 5 minutes to get in to get the treasure before it freezes again. Now, get in the Glacier, and inside, slide al your way along the path to the chest. Now, your reward is, Iron Boots! New Gadget! Iron Boots These boots weigh Link down, so he can be more resistant to wind. Walk into the wind and drop down the hole. Inside, thaw out and kill all the Darknuts, Bokoblins and Moblins, a chest containing 100 Rupees will be revealed. Then you can leave. Outside, don't forget to thaw out the Treasure Chest and get its contents, Treasure Chart 36, then you can warp back to Outset Island. *****OUTSET ISLAND (2, 1)***** Upon return to your own island, check the postbox. There is a letter with an IN-Credible Chart in it from Tingle. It tells you where to find the 8 Triforce Charts. It also tells you that in the Tingle Chart, there are giant fairy marks, telling you where to increase your fortune (You've found one of them already.) Another is from Aryll, she is having a good time on the pirate ship, and tells you some interesting things about the Pirates. She encloses 20 Rupees earned from doing her chores. Now, go find the big black pig in his pen, and carry him all the way to the muddy area across the small channel. Drop him and use bait. The Pig will dig up a piece of Heart to you! Good! That makes the 8th. You now have 9 hearts! Now, if you have 10 Knight's Crests, find Orca. Show him the Crests. He will teach you the Hurricane Spin. Press and hold B to build up power, and then let go, Link will do berserk and spin around and around with his sword! Orca is now in tears. There is nothing more he can teach you. Now, get back to your boat and sail west. Tip! Now that you have a large cash surplus, return to the Greatfish Isle with the warp. Use the Tingle Balloon or Deku Leaf from the Island with the Korok to float over to the top of the hill of the main island. HTen jump to the other hill, and use the Tingle Balloon again! You can hover to an alcove with a chest. There is a Piece of heart inside. That makes the 9th! Now, go back to Outset Island and sail west. It's time to do some Island Hopping. ----------------------- 7. Island Hopping Run 1 ----------------------- Now, before we visit any more dungeons, it is time to visit all the islands, and comb out their secrets. We begin in square (1, 1). *****HORSESHOE ISLAND (1, 1)***** First, we are going to search the 2 platforms. Each platform has a switch that can reveal a chest on the other platform. One of the chest contains a Skull Necklace, one a Golden Feather. Now, get on the island and update your sea chart. The tip here is: On Outset Island, Orca has a knight's crest, but you have found him haven't you? So just get on the island. There is a group of treasure hunters, but they will not give you anything. The Horseshoe Island is like a golf course. You are to throw and blow the Boko nuts into the holes to deactivate the thorns. Then you advance. When all 3 holes are hit with the nuts, float to the chest revealed. It is Treasure Chart 28. Now, drop into the hole. Inside the hole, defeat all Mothulas, and a chest containing Treasure Chart 8 will be revealed. Now you can leave. Sail east to Square (3, 1). *****HEADSTONE ISLAND (3, 1)***** There is a submarine near the island. Enter. Inside, kill all the rats, and a chest will be revealed. Climb up, and open the chest. Inside is Treasure Chart 14. Then you can sail west. Update your sea chart. This time, the tip is, to remove the stone head blocking the way in, use a Power Bracelet. On the island, use a Hyoi Pear and take control of a seagull. Control it to the very top of the island, and take the Piece of Heart! That's the 10th! Now, remove the stone head and go in. Inside, go to the stone door and use your Wind Waker. You will learn the Earth God's Lyric. Suddenly, a spirit called Laruto will come and see Link. She is one of the sages. Now, due to Ganondorf's evil, the Master Sword has lost its power. She asks Link to find another person with her instrument to take her place. The door can only open when the sage plays the song. Remember! That sage is Medli, so remember to find her later. Leave and continue to sail west for now. The next square is (4, 1). *****TWO EYE REEF(4, 1)***** First, update your Sea Chart, the Man Fish gives you yet another tip. A certain fairy used to live around here. Where could she be? The answer is simple. Sail into that flock of seagulls. A big octo comes out! Kill him! A big fairy is freed! She extends your magic power capacity! How nice. Your next target is that lone platform there. Kill all enemies, and take the 50 Rupees from the chest, then you can go and investigate the reef. In the reef, blow up all gun ports, and a chest will be revealed. Get onto the reef and float there. Inside, is the Treasure Chart 13.Now, go and sail to the west again. *****ANGULAR ISLES (5, 1)***** Use Treasure Chart 15 to locate the Treasure. It's a Piece of Heart! Great that makes the 11th. Update your Sea Chart First. The tip is that, in Forest Haven, there is a unique type of firefly. It emits a light of 7 colors. Use an empty bottle to capture it. After this, make your way to the top of the larger Isle, by pulling the blocks out. This is pure trial and error, there are no tactics here. Open the chest at the top! It's another Piece of Heart! That's the 12th! You now have 10 Hearts! Remember! There is a hole in the smaller Isle. You will have to come back for it later. At this point, warp to Square (3, 5) and continue to sail north to square (3, 7). *****NORTHERN FAIRY ISLAND (3, 7)***** There is a sub in this sector. Inside, kill all Moblins, and swing to the alcove on the other side with the ropes. Then, a chest will appear. Inside is, Treasure Chart 22! Now, you can go for the island. Update your Sea Chart, the Man-Fish tells you that, the little shop master on Windfall Island got his hands on a wonderful treasure. It is some kind of Magic Armor. To get it, you will have to flatter him or something. Now, get on the island. Drop down the hole, and you will be in a fairy fountain. The giant fairy there will increase your Rupee carrying capacity to 5000! Now, you can leave. Go all the way back to Square (6, 1). *****BOATING COURSE (6, 1)***** There are some rafts in this sector, and one of them has a chest with a Boko Baba Seed on it. Now, get to the boating course. Update your Sea Chart. The Man-Fish tells you that jumping in your boat can help you make quick turns. You get to play a boating game in the course for only 30 Rupees, your objective is to go through the course, and collect as much money as you can. Simple, and easy. Just be at the finish line when the timer runs out. Now, come back anytime you want to earn more money. Continue East. *****FIVE STAR ISLES (7, 1)***** There is a lone platform here. Blow up the gun ports to reveal a chest above. Then go up and kill the Bokolins. The chest has a Golden Feather. Then go further south to the submarine. One of the rafts around it has 20 Rupees inside, then enter the sub. Kill all Bokolins there, and a ladder will be lowered Climb up into the room above, and there is a Piece of Heart in the chest! That makes the 13th. Now, leave. Update your Sea Chart. The man-Fish gives you this tip: The Ghost Ship have been seen in this sector. You can get to it when the crescent moon faces downwards. There is nothing of interest in Five Star Isles, just some Kargoroos. So just sail north. *****CLIFF PLATEAU ISLES (7, 2)***** There is a lone platform here. You know what to do. Open the chest and get the Boko Baba Seed. Kill everyone. Now, go or the isles. Update your sea chart. The tip is that to reach the Nintendo Gallery in Forest Haven, you will have to press a switch on the cliff. On the isles, drop down the hole. Inside, use the platforms to get to the shore of the pond. Navigate through the thorny maze. Kill all Boko Baba Plants, and one of them will turn into a bud. Use that to get to the ledge above, then drop to the Chest below, surrounded by thorns. Inside, is a Joy Pendent, now return to the ledge above, and float to the wooden barrier. Blow it up with a bomb, and a light will be revealed. Step into the light. You are now on the highest island. There is korok with a withered tree. Remember him, you will need to come back later. Treasure Chart 25 is in the chest, now, warp back to the Forest Haven, and find the Great Deku Tree. *****FOREST HAVEN (6, 2)***** Ask the Great Deku Tree about the Island Koroks, and their locations will be marked on your sea chart. Now, you will have a new mission, and it is to pour forest water on al the withered trees (8 in total) in 20 minutes. But I suggest you pursue this goal later. Now, leave, and sail west. *****SOUTHERN FAIRY ISLAND (4, 2)***** There are 3 platforms around here. You know what to do. Blow up the gun ports of the 2 platforms with ladders, and 2 chests will appear on the platform without a ladder. At this point, float to that platform with a Deku Leaf to open the chest. One contains a skull necklace, the other contains a Treasure Chart 40! Now, get onto the island. Update your sea chart. The tip of the day is: On Outset Island, there is a treasure beneath the black soil (A piece of heart), so try using the pig to dig there. On the island, blow up the barrier, and jump into the hole. Inside is the fairy fountain. The giant fairy there will allow you to carry 99 Bombs at once! Great! Now, leave, sail west. *****SHARK ISLAND (3, 2)***** Update your Sea Chart here. The tip is, the cyclones can be used to warp from one place to another. Simple. On the island, there are 4 switches, one can be pressed by stepping on, one by the Boomerang, one by the Skull Hammer, and one by using the Iron Boots. Press them all before they reset. Then the fire will go out, revealing a hole. Jump down. Inside the hole, defeat all those enemies, and a chest will appear. Inside, are 200 Rupees! Now, get out. Sail west. *****FIVE EYE REEF (2, 2)***** A platform! Get up there, and kill all Bokolins, then take the Golden Feather in the chest! Now, cell into the reef. Update your Sea Chart. The tip here is that, there is a fairy in Outset Island, you have seen her already, so just go into the reef. The same Gun Port destruction applies here. Destroy them all, and a chest will appear on top of the middle pillar. Drift over there. Inside, is Treasure Chart 41. Now, sail west. *****DIAMOND STEPPE ISLAND (1, 2)***** There is a flock of seagulls around here. Big Octo time! Kill him, and he will drop a chest with 100 Rupees! Now, head for the Island. Update your Sea Chart. The man-fish tells you that, when you use the treasure found here, the thing that vanishes as soon as you get near it, won't vanish anymore! He is referring to the thing that appears when a little bit of the right half of the moon is missing. Remember! You will need a special tool to get on top of this island, so come back later. Remember! The Ghost Ship may appear here, but you cannot enter it yet. Sail North. *****NEEDLE ROCK ISLE (1, 3)***** Treasure Chart 28, can be used to find the treasure here. It is a silver Rupee! Great! Now, update your sea chart. The tip here is that the warships can be blown up with cannons, and there is treasure in them. Now, get onto the island. On the isle, there is a burning chest. To get rid of the flame, control a seagull, and use it to press the switch on top of the very tall rock. Then you can open the chest. It is a Piece of heart! That makes the 14th. Now, melt the ice, and jump down the hole. Inside, light up all 6 torches, and a chest containing 100 Rupees will appear, now you can leave. Sail east. *****ISLET OF STEEL (2, 3)***** A lone platform! Get up there, and kill all enemies. Then you can get the chest with a skull necklace! Destroy the warship blocking the gap in the tower, and then enter. Inside, conduct the wind's requiem and a chest will appear. Inside, is a Triforce Chart 1! You cannot read it yet, so you have to find Tingle to decipher it. Do it later. Get out, and update your sea chart. The tip here is, a chart showing you where to find the triumph forks is found on the Islet of Steel. Apparently, the Triumph Forks = Triforce of Courage Shards! Remember! There may be a way to get to the top of the tower with the Hookshot. Sail East. *****STONE WATCHER ISLAND (3, 3)***** Go for the platform first. Blow up all gun ports, and a chest will appear. Then climb up the platform. There are 2 chests. One contains 20 Rupees, the metallic one has a Piece of Heart! That makes the 15th. Now, head back to the main island. Update your Sea Chart, the tip of the day form the Man-Fish is, another Triforce Chart can be found on that island. On the island, remove the stone head, and jump into the hole below. Inside, there are some rooms filled with enemies. Search each room and kill them all, one has 4 Armos. One has 2 Moblins. One has 3 Wizzrobes. One has 5 Bokoblins. Defeat them all, and 2 darknuts will appear in the main hall, defeat them as well, and a door will be unbarred. Go through that door. Inside, conduct the wind's requiem on the blue pad, and a chest will appear. Inside is a Triforce Chart 7. Now, leave and sail east. *****PRIVATE OASIS (5, 3)***** Before you get onto the main island, I suggest you go back to Windfall Island and find Mrs. Marie. *****WINDFALL ISLAND (4, 6)***** At this point you should have over 20 Joy Pendents. Give her one, and she will give you 20 Rupees. Then, give her 20, and you will get the Cabana Deed, now you can enter the cabana on the Private Oasis. Then give her even more, (I had 45 left after the 2 subtractions) and she will give you another item called the Hero's Charm, which can let you see the Enemies' life energy when you equip it. Now get out to the main town again. Now, remember the windmill? Set the wind to blow north, and then press the switch. The ferris wheel is activated. Ride the wheel to the top, and fire a fire arrow at the center of the spinning yellow pole, and the light will be activated. An invisible chest will appear out at sea. Then go back down, and talk to the man in orange. He is so happy, that he gives you a piece of heart! That's the 16th so far! Now, you have 11 Hearts! Drift to that island from the bomb factory, and open the chest inside, is yet another piece of heart! That makes the 17th! Finally, go to the man in white near the big stone, and show him the wind waker. You will be taught the song of passing. The directions are Right, Left, Down. Now you can switch between daytime and nighttime anytime you wish! Now, go back to the Private Oasis. *****PRIVATE OASIS (5, 3)***** Update your sea chart. The Man-Fish gives you the following tip. There is a Triforce Chart in the cabana! Now, you can go. Treasure Chart 1 can be used here to nab a Silver Rupee. Then, get onto the island. There is a hill behind the house. To get there, stand on the railing and use Tingle Balloon to hover over there. Then you can get to the chest, which contains Treasure Chart 27! Now, go to the door, and present your Cabana Deed. The door lets you in. Inside, use the Grappling Hook on the hook on the ceiling, and the fireplace will go out, revealing a hole. Don't go down there yet, instead play the mosaic puzzle. No explanations needed. You know what to do. After the first puzzle, go out and come back again for the second, and so on. You get 50 Rupees for the first 15 puzzles, and much more for the 16th, then the cycle is repeated. Now, go down the hole. Inside, you find that 2 passageways are blocked by bars, so go down the ladder and through the crawlspace. First, crawl into the hole by the corner, then turn right at the first junction you see and go forward all the way, you will arrive at a ladder. Climb up, and find two switches, hammer them into the ground. Then go through one of the revealed passageways to find as yet another ladder. Go down that. Crawl into the hole opposite the ladder. At the other end, you will come to another ladder. Climb up, hammer the switch, then drop into the square hole at the bottom. Kill the enemies down there, and break a vase to reveal another crawlspace. Crawl through that. There is another ladder in the other end that you can climb up. Above, you can find another blue-green pad. Conduct the Wind's Requiem to reveal the chest. Inside is Triforce Chart 2. Now you can get out. Feel free to explore the basement for more Rupees, though. You can sail west after this. *****BOMB ISLAND (6, 3)***** What do you know? A platform! Kill the 2 Bokolins and get the 20 Rupees in the chest. There is a submarine nearby, kill all Bokoblins inside, and a chest with an empty bottle will appear! Remmeber! Come back when you have the Hookshot, and you may be able to get onto the platform above the chest. Update your sea chart. The tip is, you ought to sail to this area at night when the right half of the moon is missing. Something will give you shivers. On the island, remove the big rock, and drop down the hole. In the first room there, stun a Magtail, and place his body on the switch to unbar the door. In the next room, step on a switch found at the end of a narrow path over the lava, to make the first 2 flames disappear. Then you can go to the main platform. There, stun the 2 Magtails, and throw their bodies into the switches surrounded by flames, and the chest will stop burning. Inside, is the Piece of Heart! That makes the 18th. Sail East. *****BIRD'S PEAK ROCK (7, 3)***** Update your Sea Chart. The tip is, a Triforce Chart is hidden in that island. Treasure Chart 36 can be used to find the treasure. This time, it is, a Silver Rupee! On the island with the barred hole, use a hyoi pear to control a seagull, then fly to all those peaks on the other island. There is a switch on each peck. Hit al of them, and the hole will be unbarred. Link can then drop through. Inside, conduct the Wind's Requiem on the green pad, and a chest will appear. Inside is, Triforce Chart 3! Now, leave and sail north. *****THORNED FAIRY ISLAND (7, 4)***** Platforms! Blow up the gun ports on one, and climb up that platform's ladder. A Golden Feather is inside. Next, use the Deku Leaf to drift to the other platform. Kill the Bokolins there, and take the Boko Baba seed from the Chest that appears, then you can head for the main island. Update your sea chart as usual. The tip is, Rito Girls like Gold Feathers. Get on the island now. On the island, slam the 3 switches down with your Skull hammer, and the thorns will disappear. Then you can enter the fairy fountain. Now, you can carry up to 60 Arrows! Tip! As you go through the Tower of the Gods, use can use Treasure Chart 14 to find the treasure there. It is, a Silver Rupee! *****SIX EYE REEF (4, 4)***** A platform! Blow up the gun ports, and a chest will be revealed. Inside, is a Skull Necklace. There is also a submarine here, enter, and kill the 3 Moblins. Then a ladder will be lowered. Up there, is a chest with a Piece of Heart! Well, that makes the 19th. Then, get out and head for the reed. Update your sea chart. The tip is, the outdoor shop, Zunari's Shop on windfall, has a safe there which can easily be broken open by a thief. The shop owner will be very happy if the thief were to be caught red-handed. Treasure Chart 6 is to be used in the reef. The Treasure here is, a Silver Rupee! Blow up all gun ports inside as usual, and a chest will appear. Inside, is Treasure Chart 26! *****CYCLOPS REEF (3, 4)***** Another Platform! Go up there and kill everyone, then a chest with a Golden Feather appears! Update your sea chart at the reef. The tip of the Man-Fish is, rings of light in the sea mark the locations of the treasure, the ones which shine most brightly can be found only when you have opened the corresponding Treasure Chart. Inside the reef, destroy all gun ports as usual. This time, we have Treasure Chart 21, which is the map of where we are! Get the treasure now! This time! It's a light ring chart, a hart that shows you where to find the light rings that only appear in the full moon. Sail west. *****THREE EYE REEF (1, 4)***** Update your sea chart as usual. The tip is, a traveling merchant will appear on Greatfish isle later. Now, the usual gun port destruction routine applies. This time, the reward is Treasure Chart 32. now, sail north. *****WESTERN FAIRY ISLAND (1, 5)***** Another platform! There is a chest with a Skull Necklace inside. Take it, and head to the main island. Treasure Chart 8 is to be used here. 200 more Rupees are in the bag! Update your sea chart. The tip? The grappling hook can be used to steal items of enemies. Bokoblins have a tendency to hold Joy pendants in their pockets. On the island, hammer the switch down to stop the fire. Then enter the fairy fountain. The Big Fairy here will give you the ability to carry up to 99 arrows! That's great! Leave, and sail east. *****ROCK SPIRE ISLE (2, 5)***** First, go visit Beedle. He is selling an empty bottle, a piece of heart and a treasure chart in outrageous prices, but buy them anyway. You now have the 20th Piece of heart! You should have 12 hearts now! You now have Treasure Chart 4. Your next target is that set of platforms. Destroy the 8 gun ports, and 2 chests will appear on top of their respective towers. Next, get on top of the central tower, and open the chest. There are 20 Rupees there. Next, drift to the other 2 platforms and open the chests. The higher one requires the use of an updraft. You should get 100 Rupees and a Golden Feather, now, head back to the isle. Update your sea chart. The tip is that you can light up the lighthouse on Windfall with a Fire Arrow. You have done that already, haven't you? Get on the island. Blow up the rocks, and you will eventually find a hole. Jump down. Inside, light up the 2 torches, and bats will attack Link, kill them all. Then a chest appears. It's Treasure Chart 37! Now leave and sail east. *****TINGLE ISLAND (3, 7)***** Update your sea chart, the Man-Fish's tip is, Tingle can decipher Triforce Charts for a price. Now, get on top of the tower and find Tingle. Interpret your 4 Triforce Charts. Each costs 398 Rupees! So make sure you have enough money. *****STAR BELT ARCHIBELAGO (7, 5)***** Update your sea chart, the tip here is, when the left half of the moon is missing, something scary will appear. Treasure Chart 27 can be used here. The treasure is, a Silver Rupee! There also is a platform. There is a chest with 20 Rupees there. Now, sail north. *****FLIGHT CONTROL PLATFORM (7, 6)***** A submarine! Enter, and kill al enemies, then a ladder will be lowered. Climb up, and a chest will be revealed. Inside, is a platform chart! Now you know where to find all those platforms. Go to the island, and update your sea chart. The tip here is, there is treasure among the rocks on Dragon Roost Island. On the platform, enter the Bird Man Contest. You have to use the Deku Leaf to drift past that goal line on the other side, using updrafts will help, so will Tingle Balloon! Remember to set the wind to blow to the Northwest. The reward? A piece of Heart! That makes the 21st. Sail west. *****DRAGON ROOST ISLAND (6, 6)***** Treasure Chart 39 can be used here. The treasure here is, a Silver Rupee! Get on the island. Aim at the bombs on the main side of the island, remember the sign with an up arrow? The bomb will blow up the rock above, and reveal a Chest! There is a silver rupee inside! By the way, if you get back into the Cave, you will notice that the person behind the counter has changed. Sort 25 letters as usual, like the minigame before. The man then gives you a letter to his mom to put in the mailbox. But it in the postbox, and wait a while. The postbox will have a letter for you. It's from the man'#####, she gives you a piece of Heart as thanks. That makes the 22nd! By the way, see the big pillars of rock sticking out of the water? Go and float there from the outside platform above the mountain. You will eventually come to an alcove in the cliff side. Float there, and inside, is a chest with 100 Rupees! Sail West. *****PAWPRINT ISLE (5, 6)***** Treasure Chart 30 can be used here. The treasure is, a piece of heart! That's right, the 23rd piece! Update your sea chart. The tip? The potion brewer on Windfall Island can brew potion from ChuChu jelly! Now, get onto the island. On the island, there is a dome, there is a hole that Link can crawl through. Inside, there is a hole. Drop down. Inside, there is a maze. First, go to the central room, and turn right. Then remove the rock in the way, there is a chest with a Joy Pendent inside. o back to the corridor, and continue on that hall. There is a room with a Piece of Heart there! That makes the 24th (You now have 13 Hearts!)! Go back to the central room, and go to the other corridor blocked by a rock. Remove the rock, and go to the room there. There is a chest with 50 Rupees! Now, go back to the Central Room, and use the Grappling Hook to get to the top, there is another 20 Rupees in the chest there. Now, get out. Sail West back to Windfall Island. *****WINDFALL ISLAND (4, 6)***** Let's do the things at night first, shall we? Near the house of wealth, we find Mila, apparently she is a poor girl now. Talk to her, and she will make you go away. Go away, and she will walk away from you. Follow her from a distance. Hide behind things if necessary, but don't let her see you. Eventually, you will come to Zunari's shop, apparently Mila is trying to steal something from the shop! Talk to her, and tell her you are an ally of justice. Listen to her woes. Be sympathetic! Do not let her go, and she will repent, and give you an Empty Bottle before leaving. Enter the house of wealth. The bottom floor. Inside, talk to Zunari to participate in the auction. It is very simple. Tap A continuously to build up your power at the bar, and when it becomes full, you get to bid! A secret tip is, to bid at a large increment when there is only a few seconds left, then you can certainly win! The items to be sold are as follows: First Time: Joy Pendent Second Time: Treasure Chart 38 Third Time: Piece of Heart (That makes the 25th!) Fourth Time: Treasure Chart 18 Note that the orders of the items may vary. Now, with Treasure Chart 18, you can find the treasure on this island. It is, 1 Rupee! How pathetic, anyway, get back onto the island. Go and talk to the pictographer. Volunteer to be his assistant. He asks to first to take shot of a man who sends love letters. In the day time. So, at day, follow the man in red and the moustache down town slowly, until he reaches a postbox. When he is about to put in a letter, take his picture. Just don't get too close, or he will stop. Show the pictograph to the man, and then talk to him again. He will give you your second mission. This time, go into the cafe. Scare the man there. Throw a pot at him and he will shake with fear. Then take his picture while he is shaking. Return to the man. For the 3rd Photograph, stand near the woman in orange with blue hair, and wait for the man in a green jacket with striped shirt to walk near her. They will have a glimpse at each other for a second. At that time, take the picture! Show it to the man. The reward is a joy pendent. Now, go back to Forest haven, near Helio's Potion shop. At night, you will see some dots which are brighter than the rest. That's a Forest Firefly. Capture it in a bottle, and show it to the Pictographer. He will upgrade it for you, to the DX version, now, color pictures can be taken. Now, go outside, and conduct the song of passing again and again until there is a full moon. Show the picture of the full moon to the purple man who wants a picture of a pale round thing at day, and he will give you Treasure Chart 31! There is a woman in orange with an apron near the potion shop. She wants to have a look at herself with a picture. So take a picture of her, and show it to her. She will give you another Treasure chart 33! Talk to the other orange woman again. She wants to have her photograph taken. Take it, and show it to the Striped Man. He says he will take that girl out to the cafe. So wait for the next day to come, for now. Now, talk to the 2 women chatting. They say that the pictographer Lenzo loves somebody, if someone will take a picture of them together. That's your job! Remember the secret room in the picot box shop? In that room, there is a hole between the chests. Crawl through the hole, and eventually, you will reach the first floor. You can now take a picture of Lenzo with the woman in orange and an apron! After this, show it to the two women, and they will be proven wrong. They give you the Treasure Chart 24 for apology. The next side quest is to place town flowers on all those Joyous Volunteer Association Plugs in town. They are all bought from Zunari. Zunari, at the same time will offer you a trading mission. Accept it, and he will tell you to find a merchant on Bomb Island. While you are decorating the town, give 20 Skull Necklaces to Maggie's Father in the House of Wealth to receive Treasure Chart 2. After all 14 sockets outdoors are decorated, see the man on the bench, he gives you a piece of Heart! That's the 26th! If you are impatient, use the song of passing to make 2 days pass, then enter the cafe on the next morning. The striped man and the orange girl will be there. Talk to the girl, and she gives you a piece of heart! That's the 27th. Another thing to do is to talk to Maggie on top of the House of Wealth. She asks you to deliver a letter to Moe the Moblin. Do so, and reenter the House of Wealth, the letter will arrive at the house from a Rito Postman. But the rich man refuses to let him in, so go to the cafe and find the postman. He will give you the letter. Give it to Maggie. The contents of the letter is very funny indeed. Apparently Moe loves Maggie so much that he wants to eat her! Ha ha! After this, Maggie will give you a Piece of Heart! Wow! That makes the 28th! You now have 14 Hearts! Now, for the Trading Mission. Buy 3 Town Flowers. Go to Greatfish Isle, talk to the merchant, and it seems that he is after a shop guru statue! Now, trade al 3 Town Flowers for Sea Flowers. The total cost for all 3 transactions is 60 Rupees. Now, by trial and error, I have found that for the Sea Flower, the following transactions are possible: Bomb Island: No Greatfish Isle: Exotic Flower (25 Rupees) Motehr and Child Isles: No Note: Do not make the transactions marked "No", as you will only end up wasting your time getting useless items. So, just trade all 3 Sea Flowers for Exotic Flowers! This time, the total cost of all 3 Transactions is, 75 Rupees! Now, you have 3 Exotic Flowers. The Trade Possibilities of the Exotic Flower are as follows: Bomb Island: Sickle Moon Flag (40 Rupees) Greatfish Isle: No Mother and Child Isles: No Tip! By the way, when I was at Rock Spire Isle, I blew up the 2 warships, and to my surprise, the sea lit up there. So, I used the Grappling Hook to haul up the treasure, one of the chests contains 100 Rupees, the other, a Piece of Heart! That makes the 29th! The merchant on Greatfish Isles will trade it with you for an Exotic Flower, so don't make that transaction, instead, make it on Bomb Island, and get another Sickle Moon Flag. For the Sickle Moon Flag, the following transactions are possible: Bomb Island: Fountain Idol (65 Rupees) Greatfish Isle: Fountain Idol (65 Rupees) Mother and Child: No For the Fountain Idol the following transactions are possible: Bomb Island: No Greatfish Isle: No Mother and Child Isles: Big Sale Flag (35 Rupees) These are the trade combinations of the Big Sale Flag: Bomb Island: Hero's Flag (75 Rupees) Greatfish Isle: Hero's Flag (75 Rupees) Mother and Child Isles: No The trade combinations of the Hero's Flag: Bomb Island: No Greatfish Isle: Postman Statue (100 Rupees) Mother and Child Isles: No Now, trade the Postman Statue on the Mother and Child Isles for the Shop Guru Guru Statue for 200 Rupees. Now, go back to Greatfish Isle and give the Shop Guru Guru Statue to the merchant. He will reward you with a Piece of Heart! Great! That makes the 30th! After the trading quest, return to Windfall in the daytime. Talk to Zunari, and he will reward you with Magic Armor! Now, you can use your magic power to protect yourself from enemy attacks. Now, sail west. *****SPECTACLE ISLAND (3, 6)***** Update your sea chart. The tip here is, you have to be careful on nights when the crescent moon faces up. Treasure Chart 22 can be used here. The treasure is, a Silver Rupee! Get on the island. There is a cannonball minigame. Your goal is to hit the 5 barrels in the sea with 10 cannonballs. Use up and down on the joystick to change the angle of inclination of the cannon, and move the stick left and right to rotate the cannon. After you beat the game, you get a piece of heart. That's the 31st! Beat it again for Treasure Chart 17! Now, sail west. *****FOUR EYE REEF (1, 6)***** Get to the reef and update your sea chart. The tip? Some light rings on the sea only appear at night. Now, get into the reef and destroy all cannons as usual. Treasure Chart 41 can be used here. The treasure, it is a Great Fairy Chart, now you know where to find all the giant fairies (You have found them all already, I'm sure). This item, you get treasure chart 19! Sail north, then west. Tip! Treasure Chart 25 can be used to find a silver rupee at Forsaken Fortress. ****STAR ISLAND (2, 7)***** A platform, you know what to do. Kill all bokoblins. There is a chest with a Golden Feather up there. Then, head for the island. Treasure Chart 7 can be used here for a Silver Rupee! Update your sea chart. The tip of the day is, with the ice arrow, you can freeze certain monsters and watch them shatter into many pieces in the Forsaken Fortress! On the island, remove all big rocks, and one of them will reveal a hole. Drop down. Inside, kill the magtails, bokoblins and moblins for a chest. Inside, is a piece of heart. That makes it the 32nd piece! You now have 15 hearts! Sail East. *****GALE ISLE (4, 7)***** Update your sea chart. The tip here is, you can find the iron boots in Ice Ring Isle, this can help you resist the wind blowing at you. ON the island, walk to the octo door, and use the hammer. An entrance is revealed. But do not enter yet. Remember! Come back here after you have visited the Earth Temple from Headstone Island. Sail West. *****CRESCENT MOON ISLAND (5, 7)***** Update your sea chart. The tip is, the ghost ship appears here when the moon is full. Treasure Chart 11 can be sued here. The treasure is a piece of heart! That makes the 33rd! There is a single chest with Treasure Chart 10! There is also a sub in this sector. Inside, kill all Miniblins, and all 4 skull lamps will light up. A chest can now be reached. Inside is Treasure Chart 9! Sail East now. ***SEVEN STAR ISLES (6, 7)***** 3 Platforms! Climb up the middle one. Go to the one to your left and back, and a wizzrobe appears. Kill him, and a chest with 20 Rupees appears. Another Wizzrobe appears, kill him, and another chest appears on the right platform. It contains a Golden Feather. More Wizzrobes appear. Kill them all! A final Treasure Chest appears. Inside, is Treasure Chart 16! Your next target is back to Gale Isle. *****GALE ISLE (4, 7)***** Enter the save. There is a Wind Waker inscription. Conduct the following: Up, Up, Down, Right, Left. Right. It's the Wind God's Aria! Fado, the sage of the wind temple appears. He tells you to look for one that plays the same instrument as he does. Well, the one you want is the Korok, Makar! However, you cannot find him at Forest Haven yet. So find Medli instead. *****DRAGON ROOST ISLAND (6, 6)***** Go al the way to the top of the mall, and through the door not guarded by a Rito. Outside, swing over the opposite platform with the Grappling Hook. Come to Medli. Conduct her. It is the Earth God's Lyric. Medli will feel surprised that she actually is a sage. At this point, I am quite surprised Medli talks like a mother. After all, she is no taller than Link! So, they must have similar age. Anyway, to the headstone island you go. -------------------------------------- 8. Link's Quest Part 2: The 2 Temples -------------------------------------- *****HEADSTONE ISLAND (3, 1)***** The King of Red Lions will tell Link how to control Medli with the Command Melody on arrival. Enter the cave, and conduct the Lyric. The door opens. Enter. -------------- Earth Temple -------------- once inside, grab Medli, and jump of the ledge towards the first door. Medli with lift Link through the air, open the door while still holding Medli. In the next room, kill all Moblins, then grab Medli, and climb up the stairs to a platform overlooking a pillar with a switch. Drop Medli, nad step on the switch. Next, use the command melody to control Medli, and fly her over to the other switch and press it. The door is umbarred. Go through, while grabbing Medli. In the next room, kill all ChuChus, the Purple ChuChus can be petrified by luring them into the light. Then, you can throw their stony bodies to kill them. After all are killed, both doors are unbarred. Now, blow up the cover on the Green Cauldron, and use Medli to reflect light onto the stealth chest, and it appears! (To do this, you have to position her under the light) Inside is a Dungeon Map! You can burn all the curtains in this room to reveal some items if you like. Go through the next door. In the next room, use the Deku Leaf to clear the hallucinogenic gas from the switch, and hammer it down. The door on the right is unbarred. GO through. Remember! See the face with the 2 eyes? Return to come back later when you have the mirror shield. In the room that follows, kill the 2 red bubbles, and find a ladder and climb up, pull the crate into the small space to its left, a light source is made, send Medli to the light, and reflect the beam into the stealth chest. It appears! Inside is a small key, take it and go back to the room with the big face, and open that locked door. By the way, a dark hand suddenly grabs Medlin ad drags her into the shadow. What was that? New Enemy! Floor Master These hands just like to go out of their shadows and grab Link and dump him somewhere else in the dungeon. Very annoying indeed. If you want to fight them, I suggest you keep a distance and use Ice Arrows. After they are frozen, they can be thrown to their deaths in an instant. Otherwise, run! In the next room, burn a curtain to reveal a light source, lure 2 Purple ChuChus into the light, and when they turn into stone, place them on the 2 switches. Some stairs are lowered. Climb up and push the crate down. The door is unbarred. Now, pick up Medli, and go through the door, throw her if you have difficulty getting her up the ledge. Now, freeze and kill the Floor Master in the room, and push the first crate into the wall. A light source is revealed. Control Medli, use the light on the elephant statue and the wall with the spiral symbol to remove them, then push the remaining crates to their respective positions. In the end, a chest is revealed, a blue cauldron becomes usable, and the door is unbarred. The chest contains a compass. Go through the door unbarred. The room that follows has some Moblins, and some ghosts called Poe. New Enemy! Poe These ghosts just like to possess Link, if he is possessed, all controls will be reversed. To get rid of the Poe, shine light onto them, or just let them possess you, they will disappear after they stop. When all enemies are defeated, a flight of stairs is revealed. Now, use Medli's instrument to shine light onto the Elephant Statues. A chest with a Joy Pendant is revealed. Now, with Medli, go through the other door that is not unlocked. Drop into the pit below. Walk near the caskets and their lids wil fall down, inside, are some zombies! New Enemy! Redeads Redeads are zombies that grab and bite Link, if you want to beat them, I suggest you maintain your distance, and do not let them see you, otherwise, they will scare Link into freezing in his tracks. Luckily, shining light on them can stun them. Kill all Redeads, one of the caskets hides a small key, take it, and the ladder will e lowered. Climb up and get out, and open the locked door you saw just now outside. Inside the room, a skelton holding a maze climbs out of his coffin! It's a... New Enemy! Stalfos Stalfos are skeleton monsters who like to bash Link with his mace. They are extrememly pain resistant, if you slash them, they can still bash you. After about 7 hits, the stalfo will split into many parts, you now have to slash his head enough times to defeat him before the body comes back together again. After the 3 Staflos are dead, a flight of stairs appears, and leads to a chest. Inside, is a mirror shield! Now, you can reflect light! Get back out by reflecting light onto the circle with the moon on it above the door. Go back to the room with the big face on the wall. Use Medli to reflect one beam onto one eye, while you reflect another beam on the other. As a result, both sides of the face are shining bright. Now, the blue gas disappears, and a flight of stairs leads down. Don't go down there yet, instead, go back to the room where you found the first small key. Inside, place Medli on the switch by the barred door, while you enter. Inside, Reflect light onto the wall in front of you, to reveal a chest, inside is a joy pendant. Now, go down the stairs, and through the door. In the next room, ignore the blue bubbles, and conduct the Earth God's Lyric in front of the door toopen it. Tingle Only! If you have Tingle, use him to explore the room, until you find a Question Mark in a corner. Use a Tingle Bomb there, and a chest will be revealed. Inside, is, an Earth Tingle Statue! You now have only 1 statue left. More Redeads, kill them all! Then, shine light onto the elephant statues to remove them, using the mirrors if necessary, a door to the right is revealed. Go through. The next room has a lot of Floor Masters. Run past them and through the gas to reach the chest at the other end, it has a small key. Now, kill all floor masters to reveal yet another treasure chest. Inside, is a Treasure Chart! Get back to the last room and go through the opposite door. In this room, run past the floor masters, and reach the other side. Push the mirror intothe sun square. Then hammer the switch down. A light source is revealed. Now, get back to the last room, and open the locked door. In the next room, kill all enemies. Then, let Medli reflect a beam of light perpendicular to the main beam, and use Link's shield to reflect it to the largest elephant statue. A door is revealed. The other 2 statues are hiding 10 Rupees and magic Power. Go through the revealed door. The next room is caskets galore. Kill all enemies, get the 20 Rupees from the chest, and open the door with Medli. Go through. You are now in the boss's "waiting room." Drop down to B2 and go through the door. Sue the vines on the wall or Medli to get down there. The next room has a very complex puzzle on our hands, so let's do this step by step. Follow these steps: 1. Fly Medli to the top of the pillar and press the switch, a light source is revealed. 2. Push the mirror in front of the ladder onto the sun pad. The light is reflected. 3. Follow the beam to a small circular platform. Climb on top, and reflect the light into the elephant statue next to the pillar. Another mirror is revealed. You can also reveal the stealth chest with the light beam. Inside is, 50 Rupees! 4. Pull the Mirror Revealed into the sun pad. 5. Switch to Medli, stand on the platform Link stood on earlier, and reflect a beam of light towards the platform with the chest you just opened. 5. Change back to Link, reflect that light beam into the wall to the right, there are 4 pieces of the wall to be removed. Inside is another mirror. Move it to the sun pad. 6. There is another mirror near the other stealth chest. Move it onto the sun pad. Now, follow the light beam reflected until you reach another platform, get on top, and shine it on the elephant statue to reveal another mirror. Move it in place. On the same platform, shine a beam of light into a small piece of the wall to the left to reveal a secret passage, leading to the door, ignore it for now. 7. Send Medli to the platform you are standing on, and make her revela the second stealth chest, now, with the 2 of you, reflect light onto another wall with 4 symbols on it. Inside, is another mirror, move it in place. 8. Get the Joy pendant from the chest, and then, make Medli and Link reflect light onto the 2 eyes at the same time, and a door will be revealed in front of you. Instead of going through the door revealed, go through the other door on the map. Inside that room, reflect light onto the caskets to open them. Then kill the 3 Stalfos inside, now, a chest appears. Inside is a Treasure Chart, now, go back to the previous room and go through the revealed door. In that room, defeat the darknut and blue bubbles and a chest will become available. Inside is the Big Key! Now, you can find the boss! Reach the boss's lair by looking at the map. Uncover the Yellow Cauldron if you like. Inside, there are so many Poes running around, but when they see Link, they merge to form a Boss Battle! Giant Poe This has got to be one of the funniest bosses in this game. He occasionally shoots fire at Link, or tries to possess him by belly flopping onto Link. This giant Poe can also blow Link into the spikes on the walls. However, some exposure to the light will cause the Poe to appear, and you can then grab him and throw him into a spiky pillar. The giant Poe will split into many smaller Poes. Kill as many as possible before they come together again. Repeat this until no more Poes are left. Finally the Poe mask will just run away like a wimp! You win! Grab the Heart Container! Congratulations you now have 16 hearts! Step into the glowing triangle. Medli joins you, and plays the Earth God's Lyric. She is staying to pray. Now, you leave without her. Step into the light. Your next target is Forest Haven. *****FOREST HAVEN (6, 2)***** Here the sound of some violin? That's right, Makar's here. If you have helped the part timer in the mall, he will send you a letter with 20 Rupees, now, go and swing into the waterfall. Conduct the Wind God's Aria on him. He learns it now. He finds his new identity. So, Makar is the sage of the Wind Temple. So, go to the Wind temple with him! *****GALE ISLE (4, 7)***** Conduct the Wind God's Aria on the door to open it. You are in the Wind Temple now. --------------- Wind Temple --------------- Go to the next room, and command Makar. Fly through the 2 updrafts to the switch on the other side. Press it, and the drafts will be gone. Send Makar back down to the pit. A Stalfos appears! Kil him, then change to Makar again, and step on a big yellow circle. Press A, and he will plant a seed there, causing a tree to grow. Repeat with the other circle, and a chest appears! Inside is an orange Rupee! Now, send Makar to wait near the other door, and step on the springboard with the Iron Boots. Take them off, and the spring will be released, and now, you can use it to bounce back to the first platform. Use the other Springboard to bounce up, and float to Makar. Carry Makar and go through the door. Armos! Kill them! Then blow the wind receiver to open the gate. Go to the other door, taking Makar with you. Command Makar. Seed the 2 patches of soil, and the door will open. Go through. In the next room, command Makar again. Fly to the first platform you see, and seed the patch of soil. Seed the other 2 patches, and the 3 doors become unbarred. Suddenly, Floor Masters grab and kidnap Makar! Well, I guess we can go through the door on the left for now. Tingle Only! In this room, there is a red question mark. Tingle Bomb it, and a chest appears. Inside is the Wind Tingle Statue! You now have all 5 Tingle Statues! You can find Tingle on Tingle Island, later! Makar's cell is to your left, you cannot reach him yet. Go through the door opposite. In the next room, drop down the cracked floorboard. Go to the other side of the room, and blow wind into the fan. The barrier above Link moves, revealing another part of the room, GO to that side, and blow wind into the fan there, and then bounce up. There is a chest with a Joy Pendant in a corner. Go through the only unblocked door on this side. In the next room, float to the switch on the upper platform using the updraft. Press it, and the grate blocking Link's way will open up. You can use the Deku Leaf to drift through the hole now. Stop on the platform in the hole. Check the map, there is a dead end just opposite to your entry point. Float there. There is a chest with a Dungeon Map there. Now, go back to the start, and float all the way to the other door, stop at the platforms on the way if necessary. Just make use of the updrafts, and you will be there in no time. Don't worry, the Wizzrobes can't aim right. Go through the door. You are back in Makar's cell block again. Step on the switch with your Iron Boots, and the bottom of the floor opens up! Drop down. On your way down, float to the chest on a platform for a compass. In the bottom, there are 2 doors accessible, and only one is not locked. GO through that one. In the room that follows, use your Iron Boots on the cracked tiles to drop down. Kill the 5 ChuChus. Then push the springboard to the slightly darker tile in this room. Then push the other crate right next to the board. YOU can now jump up through the hole in the ceiling, pass the spikes. Open the first chest you see. A small key! Then go and smash the 4 other cracked tiles, and a chest with a Treasure Chart will appear! Go for the locked door now. IN the room, there is a red Wizzrobe, he laughs in a pathetic way, and sends a Darknut and another Wizzrobe after you! Defeat all the annoyances, and then destroy the Red Wizzrobe, a chest appears. Inside is the Hookshot! New Gadget! Hookshot The Hookshot enable Link to scale very high heights much like the grappling hook, only that it can latch on to many more things. Happy? Get out onw. Use the hookshot on the target, to get to the switch. Hammer it down. Now, go back up all the way to 1F. Rescue Makar by using the Hookshot on the target on the rockface, while wearing the Iron Boots. Now, with Makar go back down to B1, and plant 2 seeds into the 2 patches to activate a fan. Go all the way up to 2F, on the ledge with the chest. Inside, is a Joy Pendant. Use hookshot and Iron Boots on the faces on the wall to reveal Rupees and other goodies. Explore 2F. Go through the only door you can reach now. Inside that room, kill all Armos to reach the chest with the small key. Take Makar, and return to 1F. Go through the door to the east, and to the door with the directions. Conduct the Wind God's Aria with Makar to open the door. Inside, kill the 3 Makars, and a chest will become available. Inside is the Big Key! With the Big Key, do some treasure hunting in the dungeon. Return to the room where Makar was first kidnapped. Hookshot your way to the door that was previously out of reach. Take Makar with you and go through. In the next room, seed the 4 patches of soil, growing trees for Link to hookshot on. Make your way to the other door and go through. You are now on 2F again. Step on one switch while Makar steps on the other. The fan opens up, so does the gate in front of you! Drop down beneath the fan and go through the locked door. An orange Wizzrobe, he will also send more and more enemies after you, so deal with him first. Then kill the 2 Stalfos. Make your way to the top of this room. Use your Iron Boots and Hookshot on the rockfaces on the same to reveal enemies. Kill them too, and a chest with a Treasure Chart appears! Remember to step on the switch with the boots to open the bars. Then go through. In the next room, kill the Bokoblins. There are some air currents in the way, so use Makar, and go beneath the air currents, and seed the soil, deactivating the currents, Link can then hookshot through. Go through the door. You are now in the boss's waiting room. Use the Iron Boots to resist the wind, and use a crate to keep the first two blades at bay at the same side. Then use the second crate to create a bridge past the gap, and a third to keep the third blade at blade. You can now go back and take Makar with you to the stone door inside the gap on the other side, and conduct the Wind God's Aria on the stone door to open it. You can now unblock the Yellow Cauldron, and enter the Boss's lair. Jump into the sand. The triforce emblem is covered. It's a giant sand worm! Boss Battle! Giant Sandworm This worm is just like the gulp worm of Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. He likes to devour link, taking 2 hearts off him, so whenever he comes up, maintain a safe distance, and use the hookshot on his tongue, pulling him towards you. Then you can slash his tongue 3 times, before he hides, and sends 2 to 3 smaller worms after you. Kill his minions, and repeat with the hookshot. DO this 3 times and you win! After he is dead, another Heart Container is yours. Now you have 17 hearts! Step into the blue triangle. Makar comes in, and the Wind God's Aria is played again. The Master Sword is finally revived to its full power! Makar is staying to pray. So now leave. Meanwhile, the Manfish is talking to the King of Red Lions. He says that in the Forsaken Fortress, it is so quiet out there. He asks the boat why he is not smiling. He leaves, and when Link returns, the boat tells Link that he is worried of Ganon's disappearance, and the Fortress' emptiness. Your next mission is to find al the remaining Triforce Shards. You now have Treasure Charts 5, 12, 20 and 35! It's time to do a second Island Hopping run! ----------------------- 9. Island Hopping Run 2 ----------------------- Most of the time, you will be using your Treasure Charts to find Treasure, this is what you'll find: Horseshoe Island (1, 1): Use Treasure Chart 9 for a Silver Rupee Outset Island (2, 1): No Chart yet Get on Outset Island. *****OUTSET ISLAND (2, 1)***** Go to a corner of the island behind your house, use the hookshot on the tree to get up. Remove the stone head, and jump down into the hole. You are now in the Savage Labyrinth. Eventually, you'll drop into a chamber with a green and blue wind emblem on the floor. Conduct the Wind's Requiem to make a chest appear. Inside, is the Triforce Chart 6! Shine light onto the elephant statue to make it disappear. Jump into the hole revealed and go on. Eventually, after enduring many many more monsters, you will come to a chest, inside, is a piece of heart! That makes the 34th. The island hopping continues. Headstone Island (3, 1): Use Triforce Chart 40 for a Silver Rupee Two Eye Reef (4, 1): No Chart yet Angular isles (5, 1): Treasure Chart 15 for a Piece of Heart (You have got that already.) *****ANGULAR ISLES (5, 1)***** Stop at Angular Isles, and drop down that hole. Shine light on the stealth chest to reveal it inside is a Silver Rupee. Boating Course (6, 1): Use Treasure Chart 32 for a Sea Hearts Chart! It can be used to find out the locations of the Treasure Charts that lead you to Pieces of Heart under the sea. As you have all 41 Treasure Charts, this chart is well, obsolete by now. Five Star Isles (7, 1): Use Treasure Chart 33 to get a Piece of Heart! That's the 35th! Cliff Plateau Isles (7, 2): No chart yet. Forest Haven (6, 2): Use Treasure Chart 31 for a Piece of Heart! That's the 36th, you now have 18 hearts! Enter Forest Haven, and use an empty bottle to take some Forest Water. You now have to complete the following mission: Sidequest time! The 8 Wilted Trees Your mission is to pour forest water on the 8 wilted trees around the great sea to restore their vitality. The 8 trees are found in 8 different islands, and I suggest you water them in this order: 1. Cliff Plateau Isles 2. {Your name here}'s Oasis 3. Shark Island 4. Needle Rock Isle 5. Greatfish Isle 6. Eastern Fairy Island 7. Mother and Child Isles 8. Star Island Note that you have 20 minutes before the Forest Water becomes normal water, so use the warp as you need. The reward for this side quest, is , a piece of heart! That's the 37th! Now, go back to Forest Haven and continue your island hopping. Ice Ring Isle (5, 2): Use Treasure Chart 17 to find a Silver Rupee. Southern Fairy Island (4, 2): Use Treasure Chart 4 for a Piece of Heart! That makes the 38th! Shark Island (3, 2): Use Treasure Chart 16 to locate a Silver Rupee. Five Eye Reed (2, 2): Use Treasure Chart 12 for a Silver Rupee. Diamond Steppe Island (1, 2): Use Treasure Chart 23 for a Piece of Heart. That makes the 39th! As we have not explored this island yet, use a hookshot on a tree to haul yourself up. *****DIAMOND STEPPE ISLAND (2, 1)***** Hookshot yourself, tree by tree to the top, and there is a hole, drop down. You are inside a maze with Purple Cauldrons as teleport. Jump into the first one you see. As this maze is rather complicated, I will number the rooms to help you remember. Let the room you entered be Room 1. Let the room you are now in be Room 2. In Room 2, there are 3 cauldrons, the one to the right leads to Room 3, the one in front leads back to Room 1. The one around the corner leads to Room 4, a dead end, there is a chest with a Joy Pendant. Now, go back to Room 2, and warp to Room 3. In Room 3, the cauldron closest to your entry point leads back to Room 1. In the other pair, the one on the left leads back to Room 1. The one on the right leads to Room 5. Room 5 is above Room 2, again 3 cauldrons, the one closest to you leads back to Room 1. The one in the left of the other pair leads to Room 6, and the one on the right leads back to Room 1. In Room 6, there is a chest, inside, is a Ghost Ship Chart! It tells you where and with what moon to find the Ghost Ship. The locations and moon shapes for the appearances of the Ghost Ship: When a little bit of the moon is seen at the bottom: Mother and Child Isles When a half moon is at the bottom: Bomb Island When the moon is more than half full at the bottom: Diamond Steppe Island. When the Moon is full: Crescent Moon Island When the moon is almost full at the top: Greatfish Isle When a half moon is at the top: Star Belt Archipelago When a little bit of the moon is seen at the top: Five Star Isles As you now know that the Ghost Ship will appear around Diamond Steppe Island, I suggest you stay, and conduct the Song of Passing until the moon is more than a half full at the bottom. The ghost ship indeed will appear. Get on the Ghost Ship. In the ghost ship, it is another time to destroy all enemies, destroy the Wizzrobe first, to stop the tied of enemies. When all enemies are dead a ladder is lowered. Climb up. There is a chest, inside, is Triforce Chart 4! Now, some horrible scream will be heard, and Link will be removed from the ship. Now, it's time to sail north. *****NEEDLE ROCK ISLE (1, 3)***** The IN-Credible Chart says that a Triforce Chart is hidden in a Warship, so destroy all Warships you find here, as you notice, there is one with a different colour. So destroy that first. It will drop its treasure in the sea. Haul it up, and there is a Triforce Chart 5! In case you haven't done so, Treasure Chart 28 can be used here to haul up a Silver Rupee. Now, let's go east. Islet of Steel (2, 3): Use Treasure Chart 35 for a Silver Rupee. Stone Watcher Island (3, 3): Use Triforce Chart 3 for a Triforce Shard! Now, 7 remain! Southern Triangle Island (4, 3): No Chart yet. (Your name here)'s Oasis (5, 3): Use Treasure Chart 1 for a Silver Rupee (You may have done this already) Bomb Island (6, 3): Use Treasure Chart 20 for a Piece of Heart! That's the 40th! You now have 19 Hearts! Bird's Peak Rock (7, 3): Use Treasure Chart 36 for a Silver Rupee (You may have done this already. Thorned Fairy Island (7, 4): Use Treasure Chart 5 to get a Piece of Heart! That's the 41st! Eastern Triangle Island (6, 4): Use Treasure Chart 34 for a Silver Rupee. (You may have done this already) Tower of the Gods (5, 4): Use Treasure Chart 14 for a Silver Rupee. (You may have done this already) Six Eye Reef (4, 4): Use Treasure Chart 6 for a Silver Rupee. (You may have done this already) Cyclops Reef (3, 4): Use Treasure Chart 21 for a Light Ring Chart. (You probably have got that already.) Greatfish Isle (2, 4): Use Triforce Chart 1 for a Triforce Shard! Now there are 6 left to be found! Three-Eye Reef (1, 4): Use Treasure Chart 38 for a Piece of Heart! That's the 42nd! Western Fairy Island (1, 5): Use Treasure Chart 6 for a Silver Rupee. (You may have done this already.) Rock Spire Isle (2, 5): Use Treasure Chart 2 for a Piece of Heart! That's the 43rd. Now, only 1 remains! *****TINGLE ISLAND (3, 5)***** First, use Treasure Chart 10 for a Silver Rupee. Then get onto the tower, and have Tingle decipher your Triforce Charts, for a huge price! Tingle Only! After you have all 5 Tingle Statues, talk to one of Tingle's brothers, the one in pink, first, he will give you 50 Rupees for every one you found, so that's 250! Next, he will give you 500 more for finding all 5! Now, sail east. Northern Triangle Island (4, 5): Use Treasure Chart 26 to find an Octo Chart! Now, you will know where to find all the Big Octos. The 4 eyed Octo gives you a giant fairy, the 8 eyed Octos give you 100 Rupees, and the 2 12 eyed Octos give you a Piece of Heart each! Eastern Fairy Island (5, 5): Use Treasure Chart 3 for a Silver Rupee. Fire Mountain (6, 5): Use Treasure Chart 37 to find a Silver Rupee Star Belt Archipelago (7, 5): Use Treasure Chart 27 to haul up a Silver Rupee. Flight Control Platform (7, 6): Use Treasure Chart 19 in order to locate the Island Hearts Chart, it shows where you can find the Pieces of Hearts hidden on islands. As there is only one Piece left, and it is in the hands of a Big Octo, this chart is rather useless by now. Now, if you have followed the guide completely, you will find that all the treasure in the 6thrank have been found, as well as the ones in square (1, 7) and (2, 7), so let's skip to Northern Fairy Island, shall we? Northern Fairy Island (3, 7): Use Treasure Chart 24 to find a Silver Rupee. Gale Isle (4, 7): Use Triforce Chart 2 to find a piece of the Triforce! That's the 3rd one! Now, there are 5 left to be found. Crescent Moon Island (5, 7): Use Treasure Chart 11 for a Piece of Heart. (You have done this already, haven't you?) *****SEVEN STAR ISLES (6, 7)***** Update you sea chart. The man fish's tip of the day is, when you see seagulls gathering around an area, it's a sign that there is a Big Octo near them. Now, use Triforce Chart 7 to find a piece of the Triforce, that's 4 remaining! A group of seagulls can be found in the lower left corner of this square, there is a 12 eyed Big Octo! Kill him, and he will drop a Piece of Heart! That's the 44th one, you now have 20 hearts! Congratulations! You have found all 44 Pieces of Heart in this game! Sail east to the final island. *****OVERLOOK ISLAND (7, 7)***** Update your sea chart, the man-fish gives you this tip, a Triforce Chart can be found on this island. Before going onto the island, use Treasure Chart 13, to haul up a Secret Cave Chart, which tells you where to find al the secret caves, as you have explored all secret caves except the one on this island, it is obsolete now. To get on the island, hookshot your way up, tree by tree, until you reach a hole. Drop down. Inside, you have to visit each room in the circle, killing the enemies inside, after the first 4 rooms are cleared, 4 darknuts will appear in the central room, kill them, and the last door will be unbarred. Go inside. Conduct the Wind's Requiem on the blue pad and a chest will appear. Inside, is Triforce Chart 8! You now have all 8 Triforce Charts! Go to Tingle Island to decipher the chart, and you get start finding all the Triforce pieces! Warp back to Outset Island. ---------------------------------------------------------- 10. Link's Quest Part 3: The Quest for the Triforce Shards ---------------------------------------------------------- Check your Triforce Charts, the remaining 4 shards are found on Outset Island, Cliff Plateau Isles, Southern Triangle Island and the Two Eye Reef. Haul them all up. After the last one is found, the 8 pieces will fuse together into the Triforce of Courage! It's time to hit Hyrule! Go back to the Tower of the Gods and warp into Hyrule! You will be pleased to find that the triforce piece is now inside you! So, you are the hero of winds! Enter the castle, you will find that the other exit is electrified, and the statue of the Hero of Time has been broken. Something must have gone wrong! Head down into the cellar. Inside, Zelda disappears in front of your eyes! Ganondorf has kidnapped Zelda, again. Suddenly, a ring of fire surrounds Link, and 2 Darknuts fall from the ceiling, it's time for a cage match to the death! Beat them, and you can leave. The other exit will no longer be electrified, so get out through there. The Magic Barrier is still there, but one slash with the Master Sword shatters it! Outside, move through the path, killing enemies in your way. Eventually, you will come to a cave. Enter. In the cave, go through the door, you are now in Ganon's Tower. *****GANON'S TOWER***** There are so many doors, and one of them's blocked with a skull There are so many doors, arranged in a circle. So let's scan these doors with a clockwise motion shall we? Go through the one closest to your left. In this area, you are to use the grappling hook to swing from platform to platform on the lava to get to the other side, when you reach the last platform, grapple the pole directly above you, and pull yourself up to the top, from there, Deku Leaf to the door, go through. You are up against Giant Magtail again, kill him as usual, after he is defeated, you will be teleported back to the lobby. GO through the door clockwise to the door you first entered. You are inside, a cavern with a big pit, and a series of platforms and gondolas that are the same as those in the Forbidden Woods, I bet you know what to do. The door is guarded by some Peahats, but you can just ignore them. It's Link versus the Giant Boko Baba again, you know what to do. Get back to the lobby, and go through the next door clockwise to the door you just entered. The next area features the caskets of the Wind Temple. Just through as fast as you can, while solidifying the Purple ChuChus to keep the switches down, and the stairs there. Speed is important for the last one, as the ChuCHus can turn back into normal very quickly, and the light source is so far away from the switch. The boss is the giant Poe again. Kill his as always. One door left. Go through. This area is set like the Earth Temple. You know what to do. To get past the 2 downdrafts, float along either wall. Kill the Giant Sandworm again. As simple as that. Now, the central skull door will be unblocked, you can go through now. Inside, go up the stairs, and go through the other door, ignoring the minibins. You will arrive at another circular room. Enter the door to your right, not the left. You are now inside a room with some unlit torches. The King of Red Lions will contact you, telling you to remember the appearance to this room. Now, look, there are 4 sets of torches, I will now illustrate the number of torches lit on each one, clockwise from right: 1 lit, 3 lit, 2 lit, 4 lit. Not that this can be randomized, so it may not be the one about, but remember the order of the torches in clockwise direction. Get back to the lobby and go through the opposite door. 4 Boomerang Switches. The game will zoom in on the switches according to the order you must activate them. So do it now. The boat will appear, and a purple portal appears. The King of Red Lions tells Link that if you want to go back to the world above, this is the way. Go back to the room with the 4 sets of torches. Read the inscriptions. It tells you that the handle of the sword that belongs to Ganon's servants tells you which direction to go. With this information, drop down the hole. Phantom Ganon! Defeat him by hitting the fireballs back to him, slash the blue balls, and spin attack the red ones. After he is defeated, he will drop his sword. Go through the door the sword handle points at. You will be in the next room, and another Phantom Ganon appears, defeat him and follow the direction the handle points at. You must do this about 5 more times, and you will arrive at a room that looks different. The doors are barred, and another phantom Ganon challenges you. Defeat him, and a chest appears in the center of the room. There is a light arrow inside! These Light Arrows can pierce evil, great for taking out Ganon. Now, go through the doorunblocked. You are back in the lobby where you reached the room with the torches from. Kill the Phantom Ganon with Light Arrows. Use his sword on the wall with the symbol between the two doors. It disappears. Now, go through the hole revealed. Go up the stairs, using the Light Arrows to vaporize the enemies that get in your way. You will come to a door. Go through. Catch a fairy from one of the jars if you like. Inside the chamber, you see Zelda, asleep in her bad, with Ganondorf beside her. He finds out that you are here. He now reads Zelda's dreams. Ganondorf finds that Zelda is dreaming about oceans, and now Hyrule is sealed away, leaving behind some minorities that would one day awaken Hyrule. Ganondorf now changes into his true form, Ganon! The final battle is on! Boss Battle! Ganon Ganon first appears as a puppet. Use a boomerang to sever the strings. When only the red string is left, then shoot the blue ball on his tail with the light arrows. Do this 3 times, and he will transform into a spider. The spider form will attempt to grand slam Link from the ceiling. When he is down, shoot his blue ball with the light arrows, after 3 times, Ganon transforms into some kind of Larva. The larva form is very fast, and can easily ram Link, your best chance is to stun him, by slashing his face. When he is stunned, quickly fire a light arrow into his blue ball. Repeat 3 times, this 3rd form of Ganon will explode. However, Ganon's voice can still be heard. It's Ganondorf! He has taken Zelda again! He challenges you to a final battle. So, climb up the red rope. You are on some kind of chandelier. Look up, there is a pillar you can grapple on. So use the Grappling Hook, and climb up there. Continue to grapple upwards until you reach the top. There is a purple cauldron that you can unblock. Then, use the hookshot, to latch onto that target near the window. Go out that blue window. You are now on top of the tower, face to face with Ganondorf. He tells you about his country. Apparently, he lives in a desert country, with extremely hot days and extremely cold nights. The wind there only brings death, but the Hyrule environment is perfect, hence he is seeking all 3 Triforces to get the Gods down to speak to him, so his wishes may be granted. He has the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda, what's left is you! He punches and beats up Link. The Master Sword falls off the tower. He holds up Link, now the 3 Triforces gathers, and Ganondorf asks the Gods to speak to him and grant him what he wants. He wants Hyrule! However, the King of Red Lions appears and interrupts the scene! He wants Link and Zelda to have a future, and Ganondorf to be crushed. Water sweeps down from the sky, a downpour starts. Zelda finally wakes up, with the Master Sword in hand. She tells Link that she is also determined to return to the world above, but Ganondorf turns around, holding 2 swords! It's time to fight! Boss Battle! Ganondorf Finally, Zelda joins in the action, she has the bow to cover you. So now, distract Ganon, allowing Zelda to shoot him with the Light Arrows. Then Ganondorf will be stunned. This is when you attack him with the Master Sword. Eventually, Ganondorf will knock Zelda out. This is when you will have to use the Parry move as taught to you by Orca. Hold L, and keep slashing until the A button on screen glimmers, then press A, and Link will roll around Ganondorf and give a surprise attack. Then you can follow up with a sword combo. Repeat this until Zelda wakes up. Now, Zelda will ask you to use your shield as a mirror to her light arrows. So do it. When Zelda prepares to fire, press R to hold up your shield. Then, the light arrow will be reflected onto Ganondorf! Repeat this a few more times. Then when Ganondorf is stunned. Use the Parry Attack on Ganondorf, and it will be all over. Ganondorf turns into stone! Zelda and Link are exhausted. Then the King of Red Lions appear to them. He tells the two that a ship must be found, and a new Hyrule formed. But no, that new kingdom will not be Hyrule. Suddenly, the whole place fills with water, and Zelda and Link are washed upwards. They meet the pirates, Aryll and prince Komali, everyone is back to normal, and the credits roll. After the credits, Link, Tetra and the pirates sail off, leaving Outset Island behind. That's the end. Finally! -------------- 11. Conclusion -------------- Well, that's about it. Being the first Legend of Zelda game I have played since I started playing on the SNES 10 years ago, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was a fantastic game that can keep me busy for a long time. To find all Pieces of Hearts and Treasure Charts and complete a 100% game, was sometimes really a frustrating and excruciating experience. In fact, it took me 2 months of playing to find everything. Of course, I know I haven't done anything with the Nintendo Gallery yet, but I will try and find out, if I have time. Now, this game certainly has persuaded me to continue pursuing further Zelda titles. Well, let's just say it makes me proud to own a Nintendo Gamecube! As for copyright matters, I will keep it simple. You can print it out in any number of copies you like to help your friends. However, you are not allowed to copy the contents and say it is your guide! I think there is a term for it, plagiarism, yes that's right. That's all.