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The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time:  Heart Piece / Container Guide
Ocarina of Time: Heart Piece Guide  (Nintendo 64)  
Produced By: Nintendo                                                
This Guide by: barkera0                                              
Author Contact:       
0. Table of Contents
1. Version History
2. Heart Piece Locations
3. Heart Container Locations
4. Credits
5. Legal

19th September 2003: The guide has been started. I have done
                                       the Table of Contents, Version History
                                       and have started the Heart Piece Guide.
21st September 2003: I have added the Heart Container Section.

The Info for all the Heart Pieces will be structured like this:
(Number). (Area); (Items needed); (Link): (Guide)
1. Lost Woods; Ocarina; Young Link: Enter the Lost Woods and
and go left. Jump up on the stump and play Sarias song and
he will give you a piece of Heart!
2. Lost Woods; Ocarina; Young Link: Enter the Lost Woods and
turn right. Climb down the ladder and jump on the stump. Follow
the Skull kids song on your Ocarina for a few songs and then
they will give you a piece of heart! But you may need a pen
and paper to write down the tunes you have to follow.
3. Lon Lon Ranch; None; Young Link: Enter Lon Lon Ranch and
run behind the Horse pen. Enter the door in a stone building
and pull the creates to the edges so you open a tunnel. Crawl
through to find a Piece of Heart!
4. Hyrule Market; None; Young Link: At nighttime in Hyrule
Market there are many dogs running around. There is a white
dog near a stand under a person in a window. Run over near
that dog and stand next to it for a minute. Walk away and it
should follow you. Run into the left side of the Back Alley
near the Treasure Chest Shop and enter the first door on the
left. Make sure the dog is with you and then talk to the lady
for a Heart Piece! If you already have a dog following you
before you go the white dog the white one will not follow
you. Go to Hyrule Castle come back to the market and try
5. Kakariko Village; Hookshot/Longshot; Adult Link: Inside
the Windmill are wooden ledges. One of them has a Heart
Piece on them. Hookshot to the wood above it and you will
drop onto it.
6. Kakariko Graveyard; Rupees; Young Link: At nighttime
at the Graveyard (except midnight) is a digging tour.
You will see Dampe' walking around the graves. Talk to
him when he is standing on a piece of dirt and give him
10 Rupees to dig there. You may get something you may
not. But one of the spots in the graveyard has a Heart
Piece in it. There are 10 spots so take at least 100
rupees for insurance. But you are probably fine with
about 90 if you don't yet have the adults wallet.
7. Kakariko Graveyard; Ocarina; Either Link: A grave
in the graveyard has a hidden hole underneath it. Pull
the tombstone back and drop down the hole. Defeat the
re-dead and then play the sun Song. A chest containing
a Heart Piece will appear.
8. Kakariko Village; None; Either Link: As a Child talk
to the owl on top of Death Mountain. He will give you a
ride back to Kakariko Village and drop you on a roof.
Look around the edges for an awning above the Chicken
pen. Jump onto the awning and enter the house for a
Heart Piece. If you do it as an Adult you need to
Hookshot up to the roof and then drop onto the awning.
9. Hyrule Market; Rupees & Bombs; Young Link: Enter
Bombchu Bowling Alley and keep winning until the Heart
Piece is a prize. Win that round to get it.
10. Goron City; Bombs; Young Link: You can do this
without bombs. Light a Deku Stick on fire in Darunia's
room and then carry the fire to light all the torches
on the bottom level of the city. Then the statue in
the middle will start spinning. Run up a level and
throw a bomb ito it. There are three faces. If it
lands on the happy face you will get a piece of Heart.
If it lands on another face keep trying. You can do
this without bombs because there is a bomb flower on
one of the stairs you can use.
11. Gerudo Valley; None; Young Link:There is a chicken
before the bridge. Pick it up and fly through the large
waterfall at the top of the river. Climb the ladder and
there is a Heart Piece at the top.
12. Hyrule Field; Bombs and Rupees; Young Link: After
the last Heart Piece follow the river down and get to
Lake Hylia. Exit the lake and you will be at Hyrule
Field. There is an enclosed area just after you exit
the lake. Near the fence furthest away there is a
hole. Drop bombs around the fence until you find the
hole. Jump down and defeat the Deku Shrub. Talk to him
and buy the Heart Piece for 10 Rupees.
13. Fishing Pond; Rupees; Young Link: Pay 20 rupees to
fish and catch a 10 pound fish or bigger. Talk to the
Angler to get your Heart Piece!
14. Gerudo Valley; None; Young Link: Grab that chicken
back at Gerudo's valley and look for a crate across the
otherside of ther valley on a small ledge on the wall.
Fly over there and roll into the crate to get the Heart
15. Zora's River; None; Young Link: Grab the Chicken at
the beginning of the river and jump over the octoroks
and go up the river. Jump over the river again and go
up the hill to your left. Go along the upland until
you get to a gap. Use the chicken to fly over and as you
hit the ledge let go of the chicken, push forward and
you should grab onto the ledge. Climb up jump to the
platfor to the right and grap the Heart Piece.
16. Zora's River; None; Young Link: Take the chicken
again but this time go all the way to the waterfall
which is the entrance to Zora's Domain. But turn around
and go up the hill. You should see a Heart Piece. Fly
over and grab it!
17. Zora's Domain; Deku Sticks; Young Link: Go up to
the King and light your Deku Stick on one of the torches.
Run down the stairs and light the torch at the bottom of
the stairs. Oull out a new Deku Stick, Light it and run
down to the shop. Light the torch there and get a new stick.
Light the stick and run to the torch in the shallow water.
Light it and then run under the waterfall and light the two
torches there. If you managed to light all the torches
before any went out a chest will appear. Open it for your
well deserved Heart Piece!
18. Zora's River; Ocarina; Young Link: Stand on the stump
near the frogs and pull out your Ocarina. Play the
following songs: Zeldas Lullaby, Eponas Song, Song of Time,
Sarias Song and the Sun song. Then play the Bug-Catching
game to get your Heart Piece.
19. Kakariko Village; Hookshot; Adult Link: There is one
house in the village with a blue roof. Hookshot up there
and then talk to the guy there for a Heart Piece.
20. Kakariko Graveyard; Bean Platform, Adult Link: Buy
a bean from the pig at Zoras River and as a child plant
it in the graveyard. Come back as an adult ride the the
platform and roll into the box to collect your Heart
21. Lake Hylia; Bean Platform; Adult Link: After planting
a bean near the corner of the Lakeside Laboratory, jump
on as an adult and ride it up the the roof. Climb up
the ladder and get the heart piece on top! You can also
use Pierre (Scarecrow's Song) here.
22. Death Mountain Crater; Bean Platform; Adult Link: Plant
a bean as a child and come back as an adult. Jump on the
platform and jump off onto the mountain when you see the
Heart Piece.
23. Zora's River; Song of Storms; Young Link: Stand on
the tree stump near the fallen log upon your journey to
the top of Zora's River. Play the Song of Storms to
recieve a heart piece. After you beat the Forest Temple,
you will be allowed to become a child again.
24. Death Mountain Crater; None; Adult Link: As you
enter the crater from the top of the mountain keep
runnning all the way to the edge of the crater and then
run of the edge. If you were in the right spot Link
will grab onto the wall. Climb down to the Heart Piece.
25. Zora's Fountain; None; Adult Link: Jump across
the floating Ice until you get to the Piece of Heart.
26. Ice Cavern; Blue Fire; Adult Link: Get to the fan
room and melt the red ice go through and melt the
red Ice with a Heart Piece inside it.
27. Zora's Fountain; Iron Boots; Adult Link: After you
get the boots drop to the bottom of Zora's Fountain and
walk under the water until you get the Heart Piece.
28. Hyrule Field; Iron Boots; Adult Link: Exit the market
place and go left near the fence and the trees. Blow up
the rock there and go down the hole. Use the Iron Boots
to get the Heart Piece underwater.
29. Lake Hylia; Golden Scale; Adult Link: Get the Scale
from the fishpod as and adult (Iron Boots don't work here!)
and go into the one house. Dive to the bottom and then when
you surface talk to the guy to be given a Heart Piece!
30. Kakariko Graveyard; Longshot; Adult Link: After you
have gotten the Hookshot from here race Dampe' again and
beat him in under one minute to the Heart Piece. You will
need the longshot to take a shortcut in the last room.
When you enter the last room longshot to the torch at the
top of the room.
31. Kakariko Village; 50 Skulltula Coins; Either Link: Once
you have 50 Gold Skulltula coins talk to the person you
rescued in the Skulltula House to get a Piece of Heart.
32. Hyrule Market; Lens of Truth; Young Link: Play the
Treasure Chest game and "cheat" using the Lens to get
the Heart Piece at the end.
33. Gerudo's Fortress; Hookshot/Scarecrows song; Adult Link:
On the room of Gerudo's fortress play the sarecrows song
and hookshot over to him and then open the chest for a
Heart Piece.
34. Gerudo's Fortress; Bow, Epona, Rupees; Adult Link: Play
Horseback Archery and get more than 1,000 points to win
the Piece of Heart.
35. Desert Colossus; Bean Platform; Adult Link: Once child
Link has planted a bean outside the Temple come back as an
adult and ride it. The Heart Piece is on a bridge you have
to jump onto.
36. Death Mountain Trail; Bean Platform; Adult Link: Plant
a bean and as an adult ride it and jump off above Dodongo's
cavern to get the Piece of Heart!

Now some of you might be wondering why I have put this section
in. You might be saying well isn't it obvious where the
Containers are? Well even if that is True you would be
surprised how many people miss them. Here is the format:
(Location); (Boss Defeated); (Link): (Guide)
1. Inside the Great Deku Tree; Ghomah; Young Link: After
defeating Ghomah the Heart Container is sitting to the
left of the Warping light.
2. Dodongo's Cavern; King Dodongo; Young Link: After he
is defeated the Container is next to his remains in
the now solid lava.
3. Jabba Jabba's Belly; Barrinade; Young Link: After
Barinade is defeated you will see some of his remains.
The container is inside those remains.
4. Forest Temple; Phantom Ganon; Adult Link: Once again
the Container is very close to the Blue warping light.
5. Fire Temple; Volvagia; Adult Link: After Volvagia's
Skeleton Head is on the ground run over to it and the
container is on it.
6. Water Temple; Morpha; Adult Link: This one is slighly
trickier. The Heart Container is up on top of one of the
four pillars.
7. Shadow Temple; Bongo Bongo; Adult Link: The Heart
Container is once again next to the blue light and needs
no real explanation.
8. Spirit Temple; Twinrova; Adult Link: The Heart Container
sits on one of the two pillars next to the main platform
in the middle.

I would like to thank the following:
Coffee: For one Heart Piece Location.
TNocturne: For a few locations.
This file is Copyright (c)2003 Andrew Barker. All rights
reserved. This file was entirely written by me, unless
otherwise noted in the Credits section of this file.
Only may use this guide on
his site without permission. You must ask my permission
before using this guide for any use on a website. You may
NOT print and sell this guide for your own profits.