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The Journey to Termina


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                                    The Journey to Termina
                                       Written by: barkera0
Chapter 1
Holding the Master Sword in his hand, Link walked towards the place where he pulled the Master Sword out seven long years ago. He walked up to the altar with Navi and Zelda with him. Link remembered all he had gone through. Collecting all the medallions, climbing Ganons Tower and then finally defeating Ganon. But Zelda was right, Link decided. They needed to be returned back to the normal flow of time. With a final nod Link slammed the Master Sword back into its resting place. A blue light surrounded all of them and then  brightness took them. As the brightness dimmed Link looked around him. Navi and Zelda were no longer with him. Then he looked down at himself and saw not a seventeen year old Link but a younger ten year old Link. He then realised he had gone back in time. Back to before he took the Master Sword from its resting place. But then a new concern came to him. Where was Navi? He knew Zelda would be back at Hyrule Castle. But
where was Navi before she came to him? At this thought Link ran out of the Temple in search of his fairy.
After running through Hyrule Field Link arrived back at his home in
Kokiri Forest. His first thought was to run to the Great Deku Tree
but realised that he had only gone back in time to before he pulled
the Sword out so the Great Deku Tree was still dead. He instead went looking for Saria. Link found her in her favourite spot outside
Forest Temple.
"Hi Link!" said Saria.
"Hi Saria!" replied Link. "Have you seen Navi anywhere?"
"Who?" asked Saria, "Oh, your fairy! No I haven't seen her anywhere. Not since you left the Forest."
"Oh," said Link sadly. "Thanks anyway." Link then started to walk away.
"But," started Saria, "I know who might know where she has gone.
There is a wise old man who lives in the Dark Forest. I think his
name is Raylen. I once met him when I was walking past the edge of the Dark forest."
"Thanks Saria!" said Link and he took off at a run.
Link left Kokiri Forest and out onto Hyrule Field. Once he was in
Hyrule Field he headed to Lon Lon Ranch. Once he arrived in Lon
Lon Ranch he headed for the Horse Corral out the back. Once he
saw no-one was looking he played Eponas song. Epona came slowly trotting towards him.
"Shhhh," whispered Link to Epona as he slowly led her to the exit
of Lon Lon Ranch. Just as he was about to leave he heard a voice.
"Oh, its you!" said a girls voice. Link turned to find Malon right
behind him.
"Where are you going with Epona fairy boy" asked Malon.
"I just need to borrow Epona for a little while," said Link.
"You could have asked instead of trying to steal her," said Malon
"I'm sorry," said Link apologetically. "But I really need her."
"Oh alright," said Malon with a wave of her hand. "But only for
a little while."
"Thanks Malon," said Link and he climbed on Epona and rode away. He rode Epona out of Lon Lon Ranch and towards the Dark Forest.
As he reached the edge of the forest Epona let out a little
neigh of fear.
"Its okay," said Link. "We won't be in there too long."
Reluctantly Epona walked into the Forest. Link looked around
the forest at any moment when he wasn't swatting branches out
of the way.
"Your right Epona," said Link, "This place is creepy."
As the duo continued to walk through the forest they could eventually see a house in the distance. Just as they were about
to reach the house something jumped in front of Epona and Link
fell off the back of Epona and was sent into darkness.
When Link finally woke up his head felt light and dizzy. As he
looked up he saw what looked looked like a Skull Child and two
fairies with his Ocarina. As he first looked he thought one of
the fairies was Navi. But when he looked again he saw that she
wasn't. Once he had enough strength he got up and slowly walked
towards the Skull Child. Just as he was about to grab him the
Skull Child turned around startled by Link. Link reached out to
grab him but the Skull Child was too quick. He jumped up in the
air and landed on Epona.
"Yaaaa," said the Skull Kid and rode away on Epona.
"Oh no you don't!" said Link and jumped out for Epona. He hit
the ground with a thud but managed to grab Eponas leg.
"Stop," shouted Link to Epona. But Epona was scared by the
Skull Kid and kept running. After a while Link couldn't hold
on any longer and then the Skull Kid made Epona turn a corner.
Link was flung off Epona and into the bushes.
Once Link got up he found Epona and his Ocarina gone and all
he had was his sword and shield. But he didn't care he charged
after the Skull Kid. After jumping across obstacles and through
tunnels he finally came to a chasm. He tried to look down to
see what was there but as he Link looked down he accidentally
lost his balance and fell down the chasm into darkness.