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You Have Played Too Much Zelda When......


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You know you have played too much zelda when............
-You pull out a mirror and reflect the sunlight onto stone to try and destroy it
-You take pictures of someone and try to make figurines out of them
-You make figurines in your undies
-You whistle the Earth God's Lyric and Wind God's Aria, hoping to randomly awaken a sage
-You talk to your boat
-You call any bird a Rito
-You will have a long snot coming out of your nose and when you sleep it turn into a bubble
-You randomly scream things and pretend you're link with pillow (shield) and Umbrella(bundled up, sword) in hand
-You dream of playing Wind Waker
-The only thing you every wear is the colour green
-When you attack an old man with a sword
-When you grab a leaf and jump off a cliff and hope to glide down slowly
-When you start writing in Hylian
-When you think everyone you meet is a character from Zelda Games
-When you have a pet bird named Medli
-When you have a fish named Ruto
-When you name the tree in your backyard Makar
-When your web browser's home page is set to a Zelda Website
-When you're afraid to go to school because you might be attacked by the boss
-When you name your horse Epona
-When you are trying to kill your grandfather's pig
-When you go to your relatives farm and go around chopping chickens with a knife
-You swipe high grass with any available blade in search for cash
-When you give food to a fish hoping that it give you a map
-When you take a bent piece of wood and throw it, thinking it'll come back to you
-When you use a telescope to try to find a captured girl in a tower
-When you give your Teacher 20 butterfly necklaces and expect to get a house in return
-When you start calling your younger sister Ayrll and you don't have a younger sister
-When you talk to a whale at Sea world and expect it to give you a pearl
-When you start looking for three triangle islands with statues on them to unlock the tower of the Gods
-When you start attacking people in lookout towers and submarines
-When you try to bottle a firefly and claim it's a fairy
-When you try to kill a large octopus
-When you expect a Large fairy to pop out if you did manage to kill a large octopus
-When you look for someone dressed in green at prison and offer to bust them out
-When you offer bait at a rat hole and expect a rat to come out and try to sell you things
-When you make a Mask and expect it to give you powers
-When you walk through sweres hoping to find your way to a sancutary