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Mario & Luigi: SuperStar Saga
The Bros. are back! 10/10

Introduction: Mario & Luigi star in their latest game: Mario & Luigi
SuperStar Saga. In this 2D Paper Mario style game the bros. have to
work together with new moves to beat the bad guys and ultimately destroy
the evil Cacklettta from the BeanBean Kingdom.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are fantastic. They are exceptional even for a
Gameboy Advance. Mario & Luigi look really good, even in 2D, and
Bowser, Peach and all the other characters have been well made as well.
The places that are visited in the game look very nice and all the
enemies look fantastic with a wide range of different characteristics.
There is not one glaw I can find with the graphics.

Sound: 9/10
As usual the Mario music has not let me down. Although slightly
repetetive it is still ver catchy and very well done. The battle
music is good but can get a little broing after too many of them.
But, the different places all have their own music and in general
the music is really good.

Gameplay: 10/10
Once again, not a flaw. The gameplay is fantastic and features
many different things. The battle styling is very nice and, being
a big fan of Paper Maio, love it. The movements that the bros. do
together out of the battle are new and interesting as well and the
different places you find and go to are really fun as well. There
is much to keep you interested.

Controls: 9/10
The controls in Mario & Luigi SuperStar Saga handle very well.
All the buttons are in good places and are not too hard to reach
and get to in a hurry. Some of the contols and attacks are a
little confusing a first but, it will not belong before you get
the nack of it and become a true Mario & Luigi master.

Challenege: 10/10
A very challenging game. It holds many challenges in puzzles,
battling and finding the weaknesses of many different enemies
and bosses. Each enemy has their own weakness and it is fun and
difficult to find some. There are a wide range of puzzles ranking
from very easy to nearly impossible!

Replay Value: 10/10
As with most Mario games there is fun in just playing the game
again. However in this game there is much to do once you have
beaten it anyway. There are many side-quests to complete and gain
new items in. There are many mini-games to play and once you have
beaten them you can go back and try and beat your own high score.

Rent or Buy?
Buy. It is a fantastic game and reading the rest of the review
will help you understand why. It is very challenging, fun and if
you go for good graphics or sound it has those too!

Overall: 10/10
I am a bit soft for Mario but, this is still a fantastic game. It
will keep you entertained for many, many weeks and will take a lot
of time and effort to defeat. You can level up Mario and Luigi and
gain new moves. Another fantastic Mario game produced by Nintendo.